Our Man Inside

So far, I’ve heard no word of any BG East boys turning up in an emergency room after being found out as our man inside, the source of these smuggled pics from a recent BG East taping. Whoever you are, I’m wishing you good health and long life, and dinner is my treat if you survive long enough for us to ever meet!  For the rest of you, here are the final shots that our man inside has shared from the Florida sunshine.



Drake and Mason look like alligators hungrily eyeing their prey, aka yet-to-be released rookie Ty. Was this poolside scene all about between-match fun, or was there some sort of Wet ‘n’ Wild free for all caught on motion camera? It seems we’ll have to wait and see.



I’m thrilled to see that Skrapper was also on site, looking hunkier than ever and in need of a certain blogger to liberally lather him up with suntan lotion. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: pound for pound, I think Skrapper may be the most potent and fiercest homoerotic wrestler ever caught on camera. And a Miami Vice five o’clock shadow makes him look even sexier!



It doesn’t surprise me at all to see that Skrapper draws a crowd, and rookie-on-fire Trey Dixon looks like an ideal candidate to meet the buzz saw that is Skrapper on the mats.


I don’t know what it says about our mystery man inside that the most frequently photographed hunk in this batch of contraband photos is the thinking man’s homoerotic wrestler, Mason Brooks. Strike that.  I do know that it says that our man inside has exquisite taste in rookie hunks. However, I still don’t know what it says about the identity of the man behind the camera.



Mason’s pecs are looking meatier and meatier, and I assume I don’t need to point out yet again just how sexy his nipples are.  You don’t have an option to vote for “Best Nipples” in the BG East Year End Awards poll, so I’m unilaterally declaring Mason the winner. Deal with it.



I believe our secret photog also has a thing for luscious preview-hottie, Ty, because his hot, bronzed body shows up a whole lot as well. My guess is that the upperclassmen were lined up for their shot at this beautiful babyface. I hope that he’s tougher than he looks, because with the other cast of characters on hand, there’s a whole heap of hurtin’ in store for this beauty.



The shadows and low-def resolution on this final pic leave me guessing, but I’m pretty sure that this is Drake Marcos and Skrapper in what appears to be a tongue wrestling match. Or they may have just recreated the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp (any ideas which is the Tramp?). Or they both have new tongue piercings that just got entangled. I’m just not certain.

These smuggled behind-the-scenes pics of BG East boys probably raise more questions than they answer, but it’s a thrill to see a hint of what’s yet to be revealed from BG East. To our man inside, our sincere thanks, and I’m serious about dinner being on me… if you dare reveal your identity!


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