Friday Fashion

Rodriguez Cortez wore it best!

I cannot think of another word to describe it, other than “an upset.” Rodriguez Cortez came from behind to put Morgan the Mastodon Cruise in second place! With 50.6% of the vote to Morgan’s 45.2%, Rodriguez won the balloting for which of these hot studs wore those red and black trunks best. If this gets back to Morgan, Rodriguez better watch that fine ass of his, because if there’s one thing I know about the Mastodon, it’s that he is not a graceful loser!

Rodriguez makes that pair of trunks look sexy even when he’s just taking out the trash!

I’m working on a few projects around neverland today and tomorrow, so I haven’t done my due diligence, vetting more homoerotic wrestlers who’ve been captured by the cameras wearing the same gear. So there’s no fresh Friday Fashion poll today, but I’d love to see in the comments your suggestions of future Friday Fashion poll subjects. Who have you seen in the same gear, who needs to throw down in the arena of public opinion?  Let me know by commenting to this post.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fashion

  1. I usually don’t agree with the majority, but this time I actually voted the same way.

    Have you done BGE’s white with blue trim trunks? I think Vinny Trevino (in Demolition 6), Justin Pierce (in Demolition 9) and Cameron Matthews (in Tag Torture 9) all wore them. Vinny might be overmatched, but Justin vs Cameron could be an interesting match up.

  2. OOO just found one. Kid Karisma in match 3 of his spotlight vs. Dylon Roberts in Rookie Wreckers 1. That white singlet gets me going on BOTH of them. A hot battle for sure.

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