Twelfth Day of Christmas

I received no cards in the mail for the eleventh day of Christmas, which made me sad that the festivities and parade of homoerotic wrestling hunk greetings were over. However, today I received a twelfth day of Christmas greeting that, frankly, makes up for missing yesterday.  Mason Brooks has appeared in no more than two BG East matches, yet somehow he figures disproportionately prominently among my wrestling infatuations. He’s got a wicked smart sense of humor, which, when figured on top of the tally of his hot body plus handsome face plus stunningly sexy nipples, along with a clear passion for the arousing arts of wrestling, it all adds up to one of the most promising new faces on the scene. Mason’s new year greeting captures all of that and more!




To all of you wrestling fans out there, a merry Christmas, tip-top Tet, et cetera. As a student of the classics, I celebrate Saturnalia, the Roman festival where slaves traded places with their masters for a day. In that spirit, I’d like to contact all the guys whose asses I’ve kicked in the past year and let them know that they can have a little fun working me over — if they ask nicely. It is the season of giving, after all. I hope you enjoy everything the new year brings — especially if it involves watching me.
Sine cera,

Mason, I guarantee I’ve got my eye on you this year, and if any of your conquests take you up on the offer to celebrate Saturnalia with you, I sincerely hope you’ll send photos. As for that impressive candle you’ve got there, just let me know if you need any help topping off your wick. It looks like your hands are full, and  I’m available for another Roman festival, the Bachanalia. I truly cannot wait to see more of you in 2014!

4 thoughts on “Twelfth Day of Christmas

  1. I mean how can you NOT love a guy who celebrates Saturnalia and posts comments in latin? (However, that does not mean he isn’t well worthy of a massive butt-beating, pretty nipples or not…)

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