More Masonry

Somebody’s watching me… or is it the other way around?

I’m not sure if Mason Brooks is stalking me or if I’m stalking Mason, but every time I turn around, the thinking-man’s homoerotic wrestler is there. Debuting with BG East merely a year ago or so, Mason has since given me an interview, sent me Christmas presents, commanded star treatment in my homoerotic wrestling imagination, and now he’s also showing up at Movimus.

Intense action. Hot ass!

In his recently released match against “Case Thornton,” (aka, Ethan “Axel” Andrews… how many names can one stud use!?), Mason is intensely aggressive and full throttle. His ass in those lime green skimpy trunks is nearly enough to distract me from his ever-hypnotic nipples.

Competitive and hard fought

Unfortunately for Mason, he’s in over his head, getting out hustled and outmaneuvered by one of the most experienced wrestlers in the online wrestling scene. He gets that sweet, lime green clad ass spanked by the appropriately confident “Case,” getting schooled convincingly. He gives away the first fall to an arm bar before CT (aka EAA) can snap it off at the elbow. The second fall is a who’s got whom situation, with both lean bodies wrapped up so tightly it’s a little difficult to tell whose body part belongs to whom, but it’s the chokehold wrapped around Mason’s throat that makes his face blush dark red and his hand tap out. In the final fall, he goes down to a figure-4 choke that manages to also nearly rip his right arm out by the shoulder socket.

CT(EAA) rides Mason relentlessly

The boys are sportsmanly and playful in the end, demonstrating that whatever the drama on the mat, these two fucking love to wrestle. There’s nothing overtly erotic in this match up between two hunks who have overtly erotic elements on their wrestling resumes, which is, of course, totally fine. Erotically minded wrestlers can compete and kick ass just like non-erotically minded boys can. But apart from trunks wedged high up between ass cheeks, erotic wrestling fans should know that this is sweetly competitive and an intense chess match, but not “gay” in anything but subtext and what the viewer brings with him.

The thinking-man’s homoerotic wrestler

Mason continues to entertain and arouse me, and if he’s the one doing the stalking, all I have to say is, “Keep it up, stud.” Now, I need to get back to obsessively combing the internet for any sign or sighting of Mason and his nipples…

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