Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month






I didn’t see a lot of new releases in December, but I’ll go ahead and call out one wrestler that revved my engine hardest. I’ve made no secret that I have quite a crush on this beautiful slice of beef, but he’s just been getting sexier and sexier in every new release I see.  I love his look. I enjoy his character(s). And watching him teeter between dominating power and dashed dreams is one of the hottest narratives around these days. Crossing the line between 2013 and 2014, my newest homoerotic wrestler of the month is…



…daddy’s boy Damien Rush.

The Suit knows how to revive a battered hunk like Damien: mount his ass as get your hands on every inch of his hot bod!

I wouldn’t say his new release for MDW, Super Men 1.4 is his sexiest, but it certainly plays to his strengths. Damien is  the unlucky son of a bitch who inherited the title of Super Stud when the original Super Stud retired to go full time in the world of corporate intrigue. Villainy has corrupted the smooth transition from one virtuous superhero to the other, however, and the original Super Stud has been transformed into the height of unstoppable villainy, Super Heel. Super Heel (played by Muscle Master Kevin) has been snuffing out would-be heroes (and all together innocent bystanders) one by one, slowly building toward the climax of meeting his protege, Damien’s Super Stud, in a fight to the death. Damien was saved from near destruction in the last chapter of this series by the mysterious “Suit,” who revives and reinvigorates Damien’s battered super body in the only  proper manner: maximum physical touch. I hear ya, Suit.

Beauty and power


Once massaging and stroking Damien’s hot bod has brought the beautiful stud back to full strength, Suit convinces Damien that the only chance he will have to defeat the overwhelming power of Super Heel is to beat him at his own game, namely taking a performance-enhancing elixir that will challenge the virtuous Damien to hold onto his bearings on right and wrong. With that and the promise to double team Super Heel, Damien eats of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and finds himself at 200% of full strength. Shirtless, he flexes his hot muscles, and I’m reminded all over again what instantly attracts me to Damien. He has a classically beautiful body. He’s sweetly proportioned. He sports an impeccably groomed hairy chest. His shoulders are insanely wide, and his lips are screaming out for someone to suck every super sexy ounce out of this handsome hero.




Damien’s face is buried in Muscle Master Kevin’s armpit.

Suit abandons Damien in the ring when it’s clear that Super Heel Kevin will easily destroy them both.  This is a squash to end all squashes, and I don’t think that stars in squashes typically get the HWOTM nod from me. That simply points to just how hard Damien moves me, as Super Heel effortlessly manhandles Damien’s tasty bod. The cape pisses me off, because it too often obscures a clear view of Damien’s sweet ass, squeezed so earnestly inside that shiny, breathtakingly tight super suit. But for so little visible skin, the latex and lycra leaves little to the imagination, and I’m entranced by watching Damien suffer like the studly, astonished, can’t-believe-I’m-being-owned corrupted Super Stud he is.

Super Stud cannot fathom how all of his virtue and strength is being so effortlessly obliterated.

Super Heel has Damien’s life in his hands from start to finish. He plays with his outmatched imitation. He delivers that non-stop villainous, dominating, humiliating, taunting monologue that MDW specializes in. It’s too easy for Kevin for him to be the character that moves me in this match. But Damien sells his suffering in a way that grabs me by my balls. Damien pleads and begs. He weeps and wails. All of that beautiful, powerful physique he sports is wasted and crushed. He’s terrorized and in agony. He’s pristinely vulnerable in a way that a hot, horny, handsome young hunk like Damien should never expect to be. And that’s the sexiest part of all: dashed expectations, crushed dreams, power and beauty pounded into oblivion.

Super Stud II may be toast, but Damien Rush continues to fight another day as my reigning Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month!



Damien rocks me hard, and in December, he rocked me hardest. His character may be snuffed out like so many would-be heroes before him, but he lives on the hearts and minds of those of us who could never get enough of that hot, sculpted ass encased in lycra. Super Stud II may be dead, but Damien Rush lives on as my reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month.

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