Super Hot



Once vanquished by a super fiend, Flex has been technologically recreated, perhaps bulging even bigger than before and looking wicked, wicked sexy! Like me, Flex likes what he sees.

It’s literally been years since I checked out Eye of the Cyclone, but for the life of me I’m not sure why it’s been so long. The site is an awesome blend of superhero comic geekiness and gay wrestling fetish. Since my last visit, Eye of the Cyclone’s archives have expanded like the pouch in the new Flex’s skin tight lycra supersuit. I’ve signed on as a new member and within the past week spent hours consuming the stories and images like a prepubescent mo sucking down Jolt cola and comic books on a Thursday afternoon.

Interceptor’s flexing guns and bulging… well, everything… make me want to turn villainous just so he’ll have to come chase me down!

Neil at EOTC has given me permission to post some pics and gush a little, so cheers to Neil. There are now no fewer than 80 super character profiles that offer dozens of gorgeous photos each, along with each character’s alter egos, super powers, weapons, and backstory.  For example, the Interceptors are five clones of the same scorching hot Italian helicopter pilot, who became a devastating fighting machine with the help of better living through super-genetic chemistry. Encased in blue lycra with a bold “i” across his bulging chest, each interceptor is one hot, hot hunk of a muscled stud out to fight the good fight for justice.

Need more henchmen, Toxic? Damn, stud! Sign me up!

In one of the newest comic book style stories on EOTC, Interceptor II (of V) answers the alarm, rushing to the site of a suspicious warehouse with ominous looking technology. He discovers arch villain Toxic dragging another superhero muscle hunk into his warehouse, unconscious and at the super villain’s mercy. He watches as Toxic hooks a wicked looking hose to the captured hunk’s hose, then another up the beefy ass of the bound bear. Never fear, though, because Interceptor II intervenes, knocking hottie Toxic away, but a second too late. The machine is turned on, and the captured stud begins to be transformed. Before Interceptor can free the captured hunk, Toxic is on him, and a beautiful battle of muscles and virtue ensues. Who wins? Who loses? Who’s double teamed, groped ravenously, and appears to be on his way to have those hoses attached to him next? You’ll have to sign up for Eye of the Cyclone to see.

Interceptor teaches villainous Toxic a painful lesson in justice.


In addition to the character profiles and serial superhero comic book style stories, there’s a much smaller section of live action video clips, and another section of more straightforward wrestling serial stories (which often star superheroes as well). There’s an awesome variety of bodies, from big, burly bears with big, sexy bellies to ripped gym bunny bodies. The whole thing has tongue firmly in cheek on the one hand, but told with an earnestness that’s absolutely sexy as hell. Under the current exchange rate, you can get one month for about $14.60 or 3 months for about $32, both subscription rates recurring (though they have a nice big “cancel subscription here” button on all their pages, for those worried about ease of cutting the cord).  I’ve got a crush on Interceptor (all 5 of them, I’m sure), the newly revived/recreated Flex, and handsome hunk Powerpecs, not to mention vile and beautiful Toxic, all of whom star in the most recently released serials. This is something different, something unique, and has a sexy, funny authenticity about it that’s stroking me hard. Check them out and tell them to send one of these super hunks (heroes or villains) my way, because I’m now dying to get my hands all over one… or at least interview one.

2 thoughts on “Super Hot

  1. I really like what Cyclone does. I’ve been a member for a while and it’s good value for me. He’s developed a great niche, providing regular high-quality updates. Almost anything gay superhero-y is a must buy for me, but he’s definitely the best superhero stuff I’ve found. He really gets it.

    I actually prefer the original Flex, who was also a few other guys. There’s nothing wrong with this guy, but the original is the one that got me to originally join.

  2. I definitely enjoy EOTC but I wish the story chapters were uploaded “sequentially” – I hate having to wait months between updates to a particular story.

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