On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought me the work of art that is Kid Karisma’s ass.  On the second day, he brought me Ben Monaco’s beautiful, meaty pecs.  On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought me Steel Muscle God’s bone crushing legs.  The fourth day was the occasion for Santa to bring me a little of the romance between the reigning royal couple of homoerotic wrestling, Skip Vance and Christian Taylor.  On the fifth day of Christmas, he brought me a knee-buckling montage of every bulge that Darius attempts to squeeze into his trunks.  On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa hooked me up with the sexy sneer and a little inside scoop from the patron saint of homoerotic heels, Kid Vicious.  And yesterday, for the seventh day of Christmas, Santa brought me the aesthetically perfect superhuman back of competitive bodybuilder and pro wrestling fixture of my homoerotic wrestling fantasies, Lon Dumont.  Last night, for New Year’s Eve, things got crazy around Chez Bard as they do every year, but I’ll save that story for later. Because although my Christmas tree is now a major fire hazard, Santa came through once again with yet another homoerotic wrestling gift this morning!
“On the eighth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
My introduction to a certain sexy, Southern grappler has been like some of the sweetest, teasing foreplay ever.  First, I heard oblique reference to him from my 2nd day of Christmas gift.  Ben Monaco mentioned some newbie “with nipples to die for.”  Then I saw pics of him in advance of his debut release this fall, and I found myself already aroused at the sight of this delicious fresh meat for the BG East boys.  Then I saw him wrestle in Gazebo Grapplers 14, and while “meat” was still on my mind, the seriously sexy, ball bashing delight this newbie took in dishing out every inch of dominating humiliation as his opponent, Blaine Janus, made me completely reevaluate the erotic allure of this surprisingly eager young stud as more than just fodder for heels.  Then I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing him, and his incredibly quick wit, his relish for erotic wrestling, and his eagerness to suck the marrow out of his breakout opportunities at BG East were an incredible turn on!  Oh, and those nipples… Santa, I said, those nipples keep appearing in my dreams.  I’d love some personal, up close mementos of those tasty nips!  And for the eighth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me none other than some accommodating iPhone pics of the delectable lean bod and especially the sexy pecs and nips of one of BG East’s newest erotic combatants, Mason Brooks
Is this a weird request, Mason?
“Frankly, I think it’d be weirder if you didn’t want a close up of my nipples,” he replied.

Mason Brooks looks so, so sexy in his winter pajamas… mattress wrestling, anyone?!

Mason slaps the goods down on the countertop and snaps a pic of the nipples that drive opponents (and me) to distraction.

My personal favorite in the collection, Mason’s bulging shoulders and those meaty pecs insulated for the winter’s cold. Santa rocks, and Mason Brooks continues to rise in my erotic fascination as both a hot bodied hunk and a sexy stud who seems game for just about anything.  Thanks in advance for the wrestling fantasies to come in 2013, Mason!

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