On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

Honestly, I was not expecting my tenure on a big, bear daddy’s lap to be so productive (and I’m not talking about Santa’s unmistakable boner that he grew as I whispered my Christmas wish list in his ear).  For the first day of Christmas, big papa Nick brought me a photo shoot of Kid Karisma’s ass that still makes my knees buckle.  On the second day of Christmas, Santa brought me the big, furry pecs of Canuck rookie Ben Monaco flexing especially for me.  On the third day, he brought me the steel muscled legs of Steel Muscle God to enshrine and worship.  On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa brought me a little wrestling romance in the form of some tender moments shared between the lovely royal couple of homoerotic wrestling, Skip Vance and Christian Taylor.  On the fifth day of Christmas, he brought me a very mouthwatering bulge of muscles that Darius can’t quite squeeze into his gear.  And on the sixth day, Santa shocked the pants off of me (literally) by not only finally getting me in touch with Kid Vicious, who’s been in my sights for an interview for over 6 months, but also sending some late breaking insider news of upcoming KV releases as well as some of the choicest shots of that outstanding cum-inducing sneer on the Vicious One’s face! Clearly, I’ve been a very, very good boy, and if this sort of haul is what I get for just sitting on the big man’s lap, next year I’ll offer to polish his North Pole!  What else could make these 12 days of Christmas as titillating as the first 7?
“On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
I had an instant and non-stop crush on a certain Nor’easter pro wrestler turned homoerotic ring god from the moment I saw the camera fade in on the sight of him flexing in the BG East ring in preparation for his first match with the company.  There’s not an inch on this man that fails to turn me on, and not an inch I wouldn’t like to see a whole lot more of!  But I have to admit, that afternoon at the mall that I sat on Santa’s lap, I had just seen Tag Team Torture 15 and drooled all over myself when I saw this certain competitive bodybuilder turn his back to the camera and flex his insanely shredded back as he nearly ripped the head off of his completely outmatched musclebunny face opponent.  With that toasty image fresh on my mind, I included on my wish list a little pro wrestling bodybuilder fix, and on the seventh day of Christmas, I found under my quickly shedding tree none other than the current top contender to spank my first day of Christmas present, showing off the anatomy chart of back that could belong to no one other than Lon Dumont!
First, a shot of Lon’s brutally striated back muscles on stage, tanned and oiled, and making the judges gasp.
Then an up close pic of of the superhuman proportions and conditioning that leave me quivering in a pool of body fluids.  These wings can fly, my friends, and this testament to fierce perseverance and a singular focus on physical perfection, when paired with the snarling, trash talking mouth and unparalleled sell of a seasoned pro wrestler, is what makes me president of the Lon Dumont fan club and devotedly grateful to Santa and Lon for making this particular wish come true!
And just because Lon is a outrageously generous as he is scorchingly hot, he also sent along this jaw dropping shot of his serratus and obliques to drain me that much drier.  Damn, I need a job as this man’s pro-tan applicator!
And in case you haven’t seen those luscious latissimus dorsi doing what they do best, here they are making musclebunny Jake Jenkins scream like a bitch in Tag Team Torture 15 (a MUST own, LD fans)!  POW!

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