On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

The bear daddy in red and white has been hooking me up like never before in my life!  On the first day of Christmas, he brought me Kid Karisma’s picture perfect ass.  On the second day of the season, he brought me Ben Monaco’s flexed pecs.  On the third day, he brought Steel Muscle God’s mammoth legs.  On the fourth day, I had adorable Christian Taylor and Skip Vance under my tree.  And yesterday, it was every imaginable angle of Darius’ muscle-stuffed trunks!  But I had so much on my list this year…  So Santa, I said, I’ve been working for half a year to coax Kid Vicious into getting on the line with me and giving me an interview.  Good god, just one of his sneers in my general direction would make me pop my cork! 

“On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
I’m officially a devotee of St. Nick now that I received both a couple of choice Kid Vicious sneers and a personal message from the Vicious One promising me that he’ll consider an interview in ’13… if it suits him.  And since I’m jonesin’ so hard for that magic that Kid Vicious does like absolutely no one else, he dangled the teaser that he’s about to appear in a brand new match in the upcoming BG East catalog.  Oh, and by the way, his message added, there are about to be 6 of his favorite matches featuring the Vicious One doing what he does best, including that orgasm-inducing sneer of those sexy lips, released as part of the massive New Year’s 50% off limited-time only sale!  Oh, holy night, so much world class wrestling heel!
Kid Vicious assures me that this lingering, humiliating head scissors on Steve Ranger is one of his favorites.  Fuck me, that sneer as he smothers another chump in his crotch is a gift that just keeps giving!

Kid Vicious also relishes this shot of Matt Thorne choking on KV’s balls as the Vicious One watches him whither with his gorgeous lips curled. Thanks so much Kid Vicious, and please, please, please let’s do an interview in 2013!

And just to give a sneak peak at some of KV’s classic beatdowns available for a song…

The smile on KV’s face means gorgeous Derek da Silva is wailing in Ball Bash 1, part of the New Year’s sale.

KV coated in sweat and puckering up in anticipation of getting serviced by another  victim: available for half off as Gloved Gladiator’s 3: Buddy’s Workout

When the lips just start to curl, the humiliation has only begun. Just ask Steven Thomas who took all KV can dish out in Gut Bash 5, part of the New Year’s sale.
When KV cracks that smile, somebody’s guaranteed to be in agony, like Zach Zilver in Bootboy Brawl 3: Punk Punishment (available for a limited time for 50% off!)
The New Year’s Sale includes Squared Circle 5: Heel Initiation.  Look at the satisfaction on those lips!

On Sale Now: X-Fights 27: The Rookie and the Heel, featuring KV’s lips mastering the situation from every angle.

2 thoughts on “On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

  1. I fucking love him. He's a great tag partner….but it would be a fantasy to oppose him.This is Cage Thunder. Your stupid fucking blog isn't playing nice with mine again.

  2. Stupid fucking blog…. sorry Cage Thunder, but I'm thrilled that you persevered and posted anyway! CT v KV… holy hell, talk about a clash of the titans!

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