On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

To recap, on the first four days of Christmas a surprisingly game bear daddy of a Santa checked off 4 of my fondest Christmas wishes by bringing me crotch-warming candid pics of my very favorite assets of homoerotic wrestling favorites, namely Kid Karisma’s world class ass, Ben Monaco’s flexed, furry pecs, Steel Muscle God’s bone crushing legs, and a little wrestling romance shared between real life partners Christian Taylor and Skip Vance.  Santa’s readiness to fill my most lustful desires is turning me steadily into a hardcore mature bear daddy fan (at least seasonally)!  I was already adjusting my morning wood as I sprinted down the stairs this morning to find what Santa brought me for the fifth day of Christmas.  Oh, holy night of homoerotic wrestling wonders…!
“On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
Frankly, I had struggled to nail down precisely which assets to ask for when I was whispering in Santa’s ear my hearts desire for some personalized pic fantasies of a certain “Magnificent Black Muscle God” who’s had his sights set on testing the mettle of my third day of Christmas gift.  What’s not to obsessively lust over!?  Finally, I just stammered, “Everything that he stuffs in his trunks.”  Santa nodded and winked like the knowing horndog he is, and this morning I discovered the big man set me up on this fifth day of Christmas with a montage of pretty much every angle of the most mouthwatering muscles of all stuffed inside a lovely variety of gear squeezed onto the pounding physique of BG East’s muscle star, Darius!
Tie a bow on that gorgeous purple-wrapped package!

Next Christmas I’m asking for the trunks!
The wrapping may change color, but that Yule Log remains stunningly gorgeous!
Holy fucking Christmas miracle!  Please, oh please Santa, next deliver those glutes sitting on the face of a wrestling opponent!!!
I have to think that should Darius show up in the BG East ring wearing this gear, he’ll bring opponents to their knees!

There is no angle from which Darius’ tastiest muscles fail to make me swoon!

The proportions on Darius bring a tear to my eye!
What a wondrous sight: Darius’ muscles laid out so vulnerably once an opponent has sleepered him out cold!

A special Christmas wish granted: a private wrestling pic of Darius massive bulge helplessly on display.
Darius is another new friend of this blog in 2012 who loves pleasing his fans nearly as much as he loves testing all of those massive muscles against a wrestling opponent.  And like Santa, Darius’ generosity blows me away with both lust and gratitude!  Hope to see much more of you in 2013, Darius!
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4 thoughts on “On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

  1. Hi Bard: Would like to thank you for having me on your special Christmas List.You have a great Blog that I do enjoy reading and it's an honor to be mention it on. I hope that in the coming year that everyone will be seeing a lot more then just me in my trunks.(smile) Have a Safe and Happy New Year. Darius

  2. There's a long line of fans behind me ready to dehydrate to see you get wrestled right out of your gear, Darius! You are a gentleman and homoerotic wrestling rock star, buddy, and I hope 2013 showers you with good health, good fortune, and good fun!

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