On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

One of the sexiest fantasies come true for me in 2012 was the revelation that two of BG East’s wrestlers were, in real life, long-time lovers and partners.  Skip Vance and Christian Taylor won the reader’s poll as Mr. and Mr. Valentine’s Day Wrestling Couple of 2012 and really, was there any competition?  When I had the opportunity to interview Skip, he filled in additional dizzyingly hot details, including the fact that it was Christian who introduced Skip to homoerotic wrestling after they’d been dating a while.  The end of 2012 has been a rough one on these reigning royal couple of homoerotic wrestling, however, with a nasty flare up of Skip’s Crohn’s disease putting the champion jobber in the hospital for a serious surgery.  Today’s a banner day, however, both here at neverland and in the Taylor/Vance household.  It’s a banner today here at neverland because that horny toad bear daddy Santa came through with another wish on my Christmas list: some sweet pics from the lives of the hottest wrestling couple reigning.  It’s a good day in the Taylor/Vance household because Skip got to finally head home from his extended stay in the hospital, to be nursed back to health by what has to be just about the sexiest, tall drink of water to nurse a homoerotic wrestling lover back to health ever!
“On the fourth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
So it seems like there are a lot of Christmas wishes getting fulfilled today.  Fans of the reigning royal couple of homoerotic wrestling who want to help retire Skip and Christian’s medical debt can make even more wishes come true by donating here.  And I’m incredibly happy for both Skip and Christian today, but I have to admit that I’m also very selfishly self-satisfied that on the fourth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me a few sweet glimpses into the off-the-mats world of the sexiest couple in homoerotic wrestling, Skip Vance and Christian Taylor.
You can fulfill your own Christmas wish by pre-booking with either or both of these boys for a wrestling match later in 2013!
Skip reports that he’d  much, much rather be getting tortured mercilessly by Jonny Firestorm than coping with the pain of another Crohn’s flare up.
Adorable Skip is ready to get back into his peak physical conditioning in order to return to the mats soon.
What a Christmas treat!  The reigning sexiest homoerotic wrestling couple ready to face down any challenge and all comers!  Santa, you rock, and Skip and Christian, I cannot wait to see the two of you work up a sweaty lather on the mats again in 2013!

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