On the Third Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

Just how good is this big, bearded bear-daddy in a red suit who promises me treats for being his good boy?  On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought me a truly jaw dropping wish come true in the form of an entire photo shoot of Kid Karisma’s glorious glutes shot especially for me!  On the second day of Christmas, Santa brought me another wish come true: Ben Monaco’s furry pecs flexed specifically to warm me up this festive season!  Okay, so I’m not ashamed to admit I high-tailed it downstairs to check under my tree this morning to see if the old elf was still checking my fondest fantasies off of my wish list.  Holy hell, yes indeed!  Another shot of ecstasy was waiting for me there pulled straight off the list I whispered in Santa’s ear as the horny bear-daddy popped wood with me on his lap.
“On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
My friends, Santa’s got reach, because wrapped up with a bow under my tree this morning was a slice of heaven itself from Eastern Europe.  On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought to me not just a photo feature, but a whole profoundly arousing series of pics of knee-bucklingly sexy legs sent to me personally from recurring wrestling fantasyman and divinely sculpted muscle worship object of lust, Steel Muscle God!
SMG’s tree trunks encased in spandex… never has so little visible skin topped me off so satisfyingly!

SMG has been pounding the hell out of his legs lately, and watching their mass and definition grow steadily has made these beauties stars of my wet dreams lately!
These steel muscles wrapped around a wrestling opponent are erotic wrestling perfection!
Heads, torsos, stray limbs of any sort… there’s nothing that won’t instantly make me hard once it’s trapped in this divine steel trap.

Just a little fur and mountains of layered quad muscles make these legs one of the sweetest Christmas gifts I’ve ever received.  Santa, you’re an angel, and SMG, you are an infinitely generous muscle god!

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