On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

I’m getting seriously worn out this Christmas season by the shocking generosity of a certain mature bear daddy in red and a whole lot of his sexy, homoerotic wrestling helpers who keep sliding erotic fantasies underneath my tree.  On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought me the aesthetic perfection of Kid Karisma’s ass. On the second day, he brought me Ben Monaco’s furry pecs flexing for me. On the third day of Christmas, Santa brought me Steel Muscle God showing off his new quad development . On the fourth day I found underneath my tree  some heart and crotch warming romance shared between the reigning royal couple of homoerotic wrestling, Skip Vance and Christian Taylor. On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa delivered Darius’ most beautiful bulges. On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa got me on the line with Kid Vicious, who delivered his patented sneer that never fails to make me pop.  On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa brought me the glorious, shredded V that is Lon Dumont’s beautifully muscled back. And yesterday, for the eighth day of Christmas, I received a series of shots of the magical nipples of seductive rookie and surprisingly nasty Southern boy, Mason Brooks.  I’ve got a knee to the groin for anyone who suggests there is no such thing as Santa, because that bearded belly boy has demonstrated without a doubt that he can produce!

“On the ninth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”
There are now more needles under my tree than on it, but I’ll be damned if it’s coming down for at least another 3 days.  Good thing, too, because to what did my wondering eye appear this morning beneath the mostly bare branches, but a heart-stopping erotic wish come true in the form of my #1 favorite masked wrestler sharing his most impressive muscle of all.  So sure, telling Santa I want an eyeful of the monster dick of a certain sexy veteran heel for Christmas felt like a risk.  But by the pressure rising from his lap as I sat there, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all to discover that for the ninth day of Christmas, Santa brought me a whole storyboard featuring the rising bulge and climactic unleashing of the legendary cock of none other than Cage Thunder.

Cage Thunder’s square cuts start to feel the strain

Speedos can barely contain him

A jock strap gorgeously frames him 

Cage Thunder poised for domination

CK briefs filled to capacity by a muscle straining for liberation
These bikini briefs are nearly bursting at the seams!
Cage Thunder’s cock emerges like it has in so many of my dreams!
Yes, Santa, yes, yes, yes!!!

Cage Thunder has pointed that gorgeous cock at the faces of so many lucky opponents, and for Christmas this year he pointed it right at me.  Once again, Santa comes through with stellar success, and once again I’m infinitely grateful for the generosity and bare naked beauty of Cage Thunder!

4 thoughts on “On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

  1. MY WORD! CAGE THUNDER's "CROTCH MONSTER" has suddenly become "UNCAGED"! LOOK OUT WORLD! THE MASSIVE MAN-COCK is thrashing about WILDLY; its thick, veiny neck and massive, mushroom head can't make up its "MIND" which way to go! NOW, it's BOBBING "side-to-side"…NOW, UP AND DOWN! I'll just have to jump on in there and GRAB IT! YEAH! GOTCHA" ya big, muscular MAMBA-COCK, you! WOW! CAGE'S COCK is a HANDFUL! Oh NO! It's spitting its toxic "LOAD" all over my hands…I've NEVER SEEN SO MUCH "MAN-JUICE" before! Now BOTH hands are TOTALLY NUMB! My hands are TOTALLY useless! What's IN that warm, milky fluid, I wonder? I'll have to subdue the BEAST some OTHER way! But HOW? HOW? Hmmm…I know! ALRIGHT guys…HERE I GO! "THTOP MOOVIN' AROUWN, BEETHT…AWW CAWN KEP YOU IN MA MOUW FA VEWEY LONG! OH NOOO! I THAIN HE GAHNA SPI AGEHHH!!! HEP! SUMBAYEE HEP ME! HE'S SPI-ING IN MA MOUW! Mmmmmm. IH TASE GOH! YUMMMM!

  2. You're FRICKIN' HOTTTT, Cage! (C'mon, man. Fes up! When that MONSTER COCK of yours starts to stir, you MUST get dizzy!) YUMMMMMMM!

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