On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Santa Brought to Me…

On the first day of Christmas, Santa brought me a whole collection of treats to satisfy my obsession with Kid Karisma’s ass. On the second day of Christmas, he delivered Ben Monaco flexing his beautiful pecs. On the third day, Santa brought me Steel Muscle God flexing his rib crushing legs . On the fourth day I found underneath my tree ice melting romance between Skip Vance and Christian Taylor. On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa sent me Darius displaying an assortment of gorgeous gear stuffed with his muscles. On the sixth day of Christmas, Santa delivered Kid Vicious, sneering and punishing and promising more to come (and possibly my long awaited interview!). On the seventh day of Christmas, Santa brought me the insanely shredded back belonging to long-time infatuation of mine, Lon Dumont. On the eighth day of Christmas, Santa sent the eye-catching nipples of seductive new mat man, Mason Brooks. And yesterday, on the ninth day of Christmas, Santa dropped an entire storyboard worship-session devoted to the jaw dropping coup de grace of masked erotic wrestler Cage Thunder.  Santa’s got my homoerotic wrestling fantasies by the shorthairs, and never before have I had such an impulse to oil down a big, furry, bear daddy belly and shoot all over a white-haired saint.

“On the tenth day of Christmas, Santa brought to me…”

As regular readers know, my turn ons span a range of wrestlers, wrestling genres, body parts and builds.  It hardly needs explaining that the moment my ninth day of Christmas present whips out his power tool for an explosive victory finale that I’m nine tenths of the way there myself.  But just the impressive flex of a striated latissimu dorsi can give me a knee buckling surge, not to mention razor sharp trash talk or even a knowing wink at the camera.  But another newbie to the homoerotic wrestling scene this year reminded me that I’ve got a special hard spot reserved for wrestlers who clearly communicate that ripping off their clothes and going toe to toe with another barely clad battler turns them on!  I’ve seen more than my fair share of “homoerotic” wrestling that requires those quotation marks around the word “homoerotic” because the boys in question look a little bored and/or repulsed by the task at hand.  I’m not talking about the narcissist who can’t take his eyes off his own lovely image, or the snarling heel who looks infuriated by the mere sight of his prey daring to step into the ring, but rather the awkwardly flat footed combatant who looks embarrassed for himself, bored with his opponent at best and actively fighting his own impulse to run away from the open eroticism at worst.  On the flip side of that continuum is someone like who Santa brought to me this morning, and that irrepressible smile that has earned him the moniker of Cheshire Cat from me because that gorgeous teethy grin grows from ear to ear when he steps on the mat and sees a mountain of muscle flexing back at him.  He obviously loves homoerotic wrestling from the inside out, and that smile paired with the instant bulge in his trunks leaves no mistaking that this kid wants it every bit as much as I do.  That smile alone says it all, and straight from my whispered fantasies, on the tenth day of Christmas Santa brought to me that gorgeously kinked grin of charming newbie Drake Marcos.

From the first glimpse I got, I referenced Drake as “that handsome young man”

There’s a doe-eyed quality there, accentuated by the dimples, that disguise the lustful delight Drake demonstrated when he got his hands all over lovely Gabriel Ross.
I still say he and John Fugelsang need to rip ‘n’ strip wrestle as an erotic brother battle (then tag team).

Flat on his back, totally compromised, about to be humiliated, and you know by that irrepressible smile that he wouldn’t trade the moment for anything! 

Gorgeous, handsome, joyful, instantly aroused… Drake Marcos’ smile speaks directly to the wrestling kinkster inside of me.  He adorably indulged my wish list fantasy, and for that, he and Santa made this tenth day of Christmas extra hot!

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