Friday Fashion

Justin Pierce wore it best.

WOW! The voter turnout for last week’s Friday Fashion poll was incredible! 206 of you participated, and I’m guessing it’s because the three contenders for “who wore it best” generated strong opinions. And double WOW! This is unquestionably the closest voting in the history of neverland polls.  67 of you voted that Italian beefcake Vinny Trevino wore those white with blue trim trunks best. 69 of you voted that bootilicous Cameron Matthews did. And 70 of you gave the edge to one of the prettiest pretty boys to ever set foot in the ring, Justing Pierce. That’s a margin of victory of less 4/10ths of one percent! In many state elections, that would trigger an automatic recount, but here at neverland, a winner is a winner, regardless of the margin. That said, Cameron and Vinny can hardly be classified as “losers,” neither in how hot they looked in those same trunks, nor in how hard they move fans in, and out, of anything.  But by the skin of his teeth, it was in Demolition 9 that Justin Pierce who wore it best.

Justin’s ass could make anything (and most definitely nothing) look stunningly hot!

This week’s poll is another match-up spotted by a reader, this time, Phil, who commented to a prior Friday Fashion that a certain low-slung, pouch-tastic white with black trim singlet first caught his eye when mega-bulge rookie Dylan Roberts wore it getting wrecked in Rookie Wreckers 1. But when it comes to bulges, Kid Karisma is never, ever without an abundance of ammunition, so I have to guess he was battling both his opponent Gabriel Ross as well as for fashion bragging rights  with Dylan Roberts when he wore the same gear in Kid K’s wrestler spotlight. Not everyone could pull this look off (though I’d be happy to pull it off of both of these studs… at the same time… in the ring…). However, I think these two beauties are mouthwateringly tasty in it. But there can be only one, so who do you think wore it best?

In Rookie Wreckers 1, Dylan Roberts introduced BG East fans to his mammoth bulge and that provocative singlet. He wore it first, but did he wear it best?


Kid Karisma makes everything he touches (his opponents, his gear) all his own, including rocking the same singlet as only Kid K can. It was a bold fashion choice to squeeze his body into the same singlet that Dylan did. Now the question to you is, did he wear it best?

2 thoughts on “Friday Fashion

  1. I was gonna automatically vote for Cameron, but had to vote for Vinny, but I can’t deny that Justin IS pretty stunning!

  2. I have to say I’m impressed by Vinny’s vote total. I didn’t realize how popular he was. I mean, I loved him and bought all his matches, but never see him remembered or talked about much. That’s great.

    If I can be immodest for a moment, I’m also glad that my suggestion for a Fashion Friday worked out so well.

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