Consumer Report

Coincidentally, not long after I received my custom video from Jonny Firestorm, a regular reader of neverland sent me a message to share how pleased he was with his experience booking a private match with Jonny. From his story (shared here with permission), I get the impression that the Jonny’s professionalism and the trust that he engendered were not unique to me.  Here’s a consumer report on a private match with Jonny Firestorm.


“A weeks ago I had my first wrestling experience in a private match with none other than Jonny Firestorm. When I started planning this 2 months ago I never imagined how intense this experience would be. First I emailed Jonny about the idea for the match for his approval. Since this was kinda of a once in a lifetime opportunity I also asked him if another wrestler could join us too. With some convincing from his part, I was lucky enough to be initiated not only by Jonny but also by a fellow handsome BG East heel. The idea behind the match was that I was going to receive my first training “lesson”. What I got, of course, was a first-class -one hour and a half- rookie wrecking. I was put in all of the moves that you could ask for: camel clutches, bow and arrow, all kinds of headscissors and fig-4’s, over the knee and over the shoulder backbreakers, choke holds, corner abuse, double-teamed and even being forced to count myself out. My favorite moments? Being sleepered and pinned in all the variations of sleeper you could think of, particularly a crotch to face fig-4 executed by both Jonny and his heel friend. And of course there was a lot of trash talking and sexy teasing as you could find in any of his matches. It all made me feel like if I was part of the newest Jobberpaloozer installment. 
I was amazed at how well Jonny adapted the intensity of the match to my personal level of strength and flexibility. I experienced some true stretching and pain at times, but it was really nice for me to have my pain tolerance being tested still within my range of comfort. Also, I was impressed on how well he incorporated all the requests that I made on the description for the match. This was my particular fantasy and everyone else’s maybe different. The impression I have is that Jonny would be able to satisfy whatever setting you would like to recreate.
Communication with Jonny can be tricky since his legions of fans probably flood his email every day. Just be patient. Jonny replied each and every of my emails along the way. And it was worth the wait, since just thinking about all of this still puts a smile on my face. It was just my best Christmas gift ever. “

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