Friday Fashion

Let’s get back to some Friday Fashion fun.  There’s a particular pair of complimentary singlets that have been worn OUT by about a dozen wrestlers.  One singlet is red, the other blue, and they’re referred to at least a couple times on the BG East website as “retro.”  Today, let’s just assess who wore the red singlet best.  Now, I’ve found at least 2 more hot hunks who’ve worn this gear in addition to the three studs featured here today, but I haven’t sussed out the identities of the 2 mystery men yet.  If I can, perhaps we’ll have a round two to determine who wore it best.

I believe it was devastatingly sexy Corey Evans who may have worn it first in the inaugural Matmen release, setting the bar extremely high in his match with pretty boy Jesse Tyler.  Greg Michaels also donned the “retro” red singlet as he headed face first into the buzz saw that is Nick Archer in Mat Hunks 3, and then again pressing his bad luck against Eric Ford in Ringwars 9.  And finally (for today) handsome, horny Devon Cade dared to wear the same gear (to start with) in his sizzling Undagear 13 match against my fantasy stripper gram stud, Jonah Richards.  This singlet has been soaked through on the way to victories and losses, but when it comes to the aesthetics of fashion and form, who wore it best?  Vote below.

Corey Evans shrugged out of the shoulder straps early, then was peeled out of the singlet entirely, but in that brief window of opportunity when he actually had it on, did he wear it best?
Earnest boy next door Greg Michaels was all heart and amateur earnestness, earning him repeated beatings in the big leagues of BG East. He may not have scored many submissions or pins in this singlet, but most importantly for today, did he wear it best?
Sex. It pulses off Devon Cade’s hot body like a beacon. You know for a fact that the seductively form-fitting singlet won’t last long stretched across his bulges, but when it was, did he wear it best?

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