Obeying the Golden Ruhl

Mitch “the Machine” Vaughn (l) faces Marcus “Titan” Ruhl (r)

Marcus Ruhl cements his standing as my favorite Naked Kombatant these days with his new release match against mammoth Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn.  Both of these majorly beefy hunks are incredible specimens.  Marcus’ ass and legs leave me breathless, and watching them pump and grind at work is phenomenally entertaining.  He comes into the match with a 2-2 record, while Mitch is angling to keep his 2-0 record undefeated.  Mighty Marcus comes across a bit of an underdog, with noticeably shorter reach and the tide of momentum seeming to favor Mitch.  Just look at the size of Marcus upper arms and let that sink in: he’s an underdog!

Incredible muscle match!

Mitch hands Marcus his insanely sexy bubble butt in round 1 of Kombat.  The Naked Kombat points pile up 15-7 in Mitch’s favor.  Marcus is on his back and struggling under the mountain of muscle most of the duration, and he taps out pretty early on from the devastating effects of fingers up his crack (which at NK gets points and, surprisingly, a submission in this case).  Gorgeous, tanned, mouthwateringly muscled Marcus is looking in serious jeopardy of tipping into the 2-3 category.

Even mighty Marcus can’t carry a muscle beast that big on his back for long!

Round 2, the jockstrap round, is fast and furious.  There’s no point tally after that round, but I’m estimating that Marcus made up some, but not all, of his early deficit.  Mitch looks tired.  Well, they both look like exhausted behemoths, but Marcus looks a tad fresher.

Mitch literally grinds Marcus’ face into the mat. Could this be a rout?!

Round 3 is an oil round, and I just about lose my self-control just watching golden Marcus slather baby oil across every inch of himself.  Massive hunks like these sometimes get seriously ponderous and half-assed around this point in NK, and with the oil making it nearly impossible to get a hold on each other, these studs could be excused if they’d dialed it down from their round 2 pace.  But fuck no!  It’s a chess match, mind you.  It’s not a blitz of throws and holds and scrambling non-stop.  But it’s move and hold, attempt and counter, muscles straining against mighty, massive muscles relentlessly.  Damn, damn, damn that oil round is a feast!

Oil makes this match that much more beautiful and fiercer.

The match is called early because Mitch takes a scratch to an eyelid.  Nearly 420 pounds of combined muscle, but it’s a scratch to the eyelid that stops this titanic confrontation cold!  There’s a life lesson in there, I’m sure.  The powers that be at NK decide the match is close enough to the end to just tally the points to that point and crown a winner.  Remember, mighty Marcus ended round 1 with an 8 point disadvantage.  Once the oil is washed off and Mitch’s eye treated with Neosporin, the final points are announced.  Mitch: 24 points.  Marcus: 26!

Makes my heart melt…

Round 4 at NK is the “sex round” in which the winner gets to dominate and call the shots, which 19 times out of 20 is the least arousing round for me.  Watching Marcus own this power hitter, though, is pretty fucking sweet.  There’s a ton of attention paid to Marcus’ ass, both by Mitch and by the camera.  And then there is, by far, the most engaging moment in the match: the post-match testimonial in which both gladiators honestly, almost shyly comment on the experience and give each other kudos.  That devastatingly handsome, Clark Kentish earnestness on Marcus’ gorgeous face melts into a beautiful, adorkable smile as he admits that his opponent was nearly too much to handle.  Holy crap, I’ve got a gargantuan crush on that guy!

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