I’d Gladly Pay you Tuesday for Friday Fashion Today

No one seemed to notice that I totally blanked out on reviewing the votes from Friday Fashion a week and a half ago.  Or else you were just to polite to say anything.  Regardless, I wanted to state the obvious: Wade Cutler was one stunningly sexy wrestler in a vintage red singlet!  Wade pulled 77 votes, more than 50 votes ahead of second place Devon Cade, and 60 votes ahead of 3rd place Nick Veloudis (who I’ve got to spend some more time with!).  Interestingly, although Corey Evans tied with Devon the week before in the same gear, hunky Corey faded to a very distant 4th place finish.  All these numbers to say that homoerotic wrestling fans continue to have a major crush on one of the sexiest muscle boys to get ripped, stripped, and jacked off in the wrestling ring, Wade Cutler.  Oh, and of course, on the mat, in Fantasymen 8, he wore it best!








3 thoughts on “I’d Gladly Pay you Tuesday for Friday Fashion Today

  1. Also:

    “He would gladly pay you Tuesday for Friday Fashion today.”

    (Sorry, but I just couldn’t leave that hanging.)

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