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Tabu from the Island Brothers tag team

A couple of days ago Bruno posted a couple of pics of the week at Beefcakes of Wrestling that caught my eye.  I tweeted out the link and asked for help identifying the slice of brutally beautiful heaven spreadeagled and sitting across the chest of some lucky, lucky bastard. A wrestling fan responded, using his best cyberstalker skills, and found that the photo was of one half of The Island Brothers, tag team champions at an operation in the UK called Grand Pro Wrestling. In particular, this is the brother Tabu.

I’d trade places with blondie in an instant!

Let me say again that this beefy beauty can sit on me anytime he’d like. Particularly if Tabu wears that single strap singlet squeezed so tight around every hot bulge and protrusion.


I’ve found just one video of The Island Brothers publicly available.  It appears to be shot by a fan, and only the other Island Brother (Rio) is shown actually wrestling. The video cuts out right when Tabu finally tags in. Bastards. The Grand Pro Wrestling site is very nicely put together. Great photos. More high quality promotional photos on their FB page. But the operation clearly targets a local UK audience with access to see their shows live.  There’s a lot of beef in their roster, though. There would be a much broader audience interested, I’m certain.

No one wore the single strap singlet better than Kid Leopard. Perhaps that’s where I learned to associate that gear with hot, homoerotic wrestling kink.

The single strap singlet holds a place of deep affection for me. I’m not sure why, but it has somehow seemed twice as sexy than a traditional singlet. It probably has to do with the titillating glimpse of more skin. Whatever the case, my homoerotic wrestling kink gets kicked up 2 notches when there’s a hot, muscled body like Tabu’s squeezed inside a single strap singlet.  In summary, let’s see much, much more of Tabu. More ripped hunks in single strap singlets. And more massive bulges shoved in supine studs’ faces.

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