Our Man Inside

Here’s my last batch of contraband smuggled out of the BG East compound by OMI. Glimpses of as-yet-unreleased matches titillate, no doubt. The occasional capture of a fresh newbie we have yet to see in action is an exquisite and rare indulgence. But I wonder if OMI has gone too far this time.  Today’s portfolio features what I think may be the real secret ingredients of BG East’s recipe for producing outstanding homoerotic wrestling fare, catalog after catalog. Here we see the making of the “sausage” so to speak, with The Boss himself quite clearly coaching, schooling, and working over the hottest young studs in the stable (including their sausages, by the look of it). There’s a certain quality to everything BG East produces, including a deep respect for foregrounding wrestling and a consistent erotic charge to even the unexplicit matches, and this glimpse of Kid Leopard going full throttle on some of the boys suggests to me at least 9 or 10 of the herbs and spices that go into BG East’s secret recipe.  I think there’s no way that The Boss can be unaware of who took these pics. My only hope for OMI’s physical safety and longevity are that he might not have been the one with his finger on the shutter, but rather he scavenged these shots from the dark room floor. Otherwise, honestly, OMI could become OMSFU (Our Man Six Feet Under).

Pretty in pink, Austin Cooper stares down The Boss. I hope Austin can channel his inner Dr. Cooper, because the goldenboy good guy half of his split personality would get eaten alive!
Last month’s HWOTM Trey Dixon is in a bad way, totally controlled and contorted in the hands of the master.
And speaking of being “in the hands of the master,” of all Trey’s ripped, luscious muscles, there’s one muscle in particular that appears to be about to be throttled by Kid Leopard’s right hand. Personally, I’m hoping this is what The Boss does to every wrestler who earns the title of HWOTM, just to keep them in their place!
There’s simply no disguising the fact that OMI has got a thing for the sexy rookie jobber Ty Alexander. And understandably so!
Ty looks lean, mean, and ready to be devoured in pro ring gear and a studded collar. I hope we get to see what heel daddy put that collar on this babyface’s beautiful body!
Is that baby oil making Ty’s back glisten? Nothing shiny can distract from Ty’s moneymaker, that juicy, squeezable bubble butt.
Typically I get OMI photos without explanation or comments, but this mysterious photo from what looks to be a straight-up indy pro wrestling match in some anonymous high school gym came with a tagline directly from OMI: “The last one in the ring is of a Ty Alexander doppelgänger.” True enough, check out the smooth, tanned swimmer’s body, adolescent babyface, and hot, meaty ass sporting high fashion trunks on the left! 1. the ripped stud on the right is about to crush this lucky kid, and 2. I pray to the gods of homoerotic wrestling someone has tracked the doppelgänger down and signed him on to tag team with Ty!

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