Super Heel Turn

Eye of the Cyclone continues to own the superhero homoerotic wrestling comic book scene. I got reacquainted with EotC in 2014 and have slowly been working my way through the back catalog of scorching hot comic-style storytelling. You’ve got to be patient for the unfolding serials, because like clockwork EotC releases precisely one new chapter a week, sometimes switching back and forth between 3 or 4 open narratives at any given time.  Last April “Idle Hands” started up, starring the divine mind-fuck of a physique on superhero Archangel.  The final chapter in this magnificent melodrama just posted last week.


You know my soft/hard spot for inked muscle, so this superstud grabs me by both balls instantly. And speaking of getting grabbed by the balls, an insolent, evil army of bodiless hands seem like no match for the granite carved muscleman until they start clawing at his crotch and ripping off Archangel’s super gear.


Sure, just a few little disembodied hands seem like no match for a superhuman muscle god. but while trying to keep them from peeling him out of his silver trunks, Archangel is caught off guard by a metal column sent abruptly crashing down on him, knocking him and all of those fantastically gorgeous, powerful, suddenly impotent muscles out cold.


When the ripped Boy Scout rouses, he discovers the maniacal little hands have trussed his hot bod up in devilishly ominous red chains, leaving the masked muscleman’s luscious muscles stretched out vulnerably for more sadistic groping. My hands are already pleading the case to become unattached in order to join in this super take down!


Those blood red chains have a life of their own, wrapping themselves all over the superhero’s fantastic physique, caressing, crushing, and possessing him from every angle. A mysterious red glow envelopes the helpless hunk, burning the good right out of the fallen angel, replacing his earnest silver trunks with minuscule, intensely sexy red ultra briefs. His golden fetish face mask is remolded into a demonic form, glowing red eyes peering out symbolizing the maleficent spirit now in possession of the magnificent muscleman from the inside out.


The army of evil, disembodied hands gather around their newly incarnated super villain master who flexes those stunningly sexy muscles, tugging at his already barely adequate briefs. Once as unblemished and angelic as the fresh fallen snow piling up at my doorstep, the superhero is vanquished and replaced by a hellishly cruel spirit with just two things on his maniacal mind: 1) stroking this phenomenally sexy body his minions have acquired for him, and 2) lusting to use all of these stunning muscles to crush and conquer every super hero hunk he can get his hands on.


Watch out, Supersonic, because I’m hoping like crazy he’s coming after you’re hot bod next!

If you enjoy hot hunks, superheroes, and full on erotic combat delivered in classic comic-book style, check out Eye of the Cyclone for every enticing panel of Idle Hands and dozens more stories.

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