Expiration Dates

I’m venturing into highly contested waters today, so put your life vests on and buckle in. Age. I’ve chatted with homoerotic wrestling fans who consider hunks old enough to legally drink alcohol as getting too old for their tastes. Mind you, the fans in question are more than twice that age, but for the time being, let me just focus on the wrestlers. By the same token, I’ve talked with homoerotic wrestling fans who are a tad creeped out by wrestlers that look too young. Hell, I had an extended exchange with a fan who was gagging for a silver fox bracket of homoerotic wrestling for mature muscle only. I’ve also heard rumor of homoerotic wrestling companies who turn away handsome, magnificently muscled, high quality man meat with impeccable wrestling credentials and a sensational sell because they only work with guys younger than 30 years old.  Age is clearly something that factors into the homoerotic wrestling scene in complex ways.

Billy Lodi looks like a high school sophomore and wrestles like a wildcat.

You know me, of course. I can pump out a teary eyed infatuation for hunks across a wide range of demographics.  I’ve been known to get off on one of those barely legal babyface kids who, although he’s old enough to vote, has the look of a high school sophomore. Now, I fully endorse limiting the subjects of erotic products to those of legal age to comptently give their consent. I don’t want to see (let me repeat for the morality police: I DON’T want to see) an actual 14 year old, no matter how sweet his ass, step into a wrestling ring to be an object of erotic lust for grown men, much less for him to be groped or ground by an amorous wrestling opponent. If a 21 year old could pass for a 14 year old, and he has that sweet ass I just mentioned, fuck yes, get his legal signature on a contract, throw him into a ring to get slammed, stripped, and sucked, and then pay him handsomely. My line isn’t whether the audience could imagine the hunks to be underage. It’s just a question of whether they are, in the eyes of the law, legally capable of consenting to adult decisions like starring in media targeted toward erotically interested consumers. There’s got to be a line with regard to age, maturity, and capacity to give consent, and I’m just fine with the legal standards that operate in the homoerotic wrestling industry.


So there’s that threshold of age on the bottom end of the scale. But what about the top end of the scale? Do (should) wrestlers age out of being suitable stars of homoerotic wrestling?  Of course, I continue to advocate for legal capacity as a requirement. Guys with impaired capacity due to intellectual disabilities or mental health issues, no matter their age, no matter how rocking hot their six-pack abs and sculpted, tree trunk thighs are, shouldn’t be professional homoerotic wrestlers. But other than that small minority of adults, I see nothing wrong with, and in fact see many things very, very right with, wrestlers having no inherent expiration date for steaming up screens.

Mitch Colby started homoerotic wrestling only after his phenomenal physique was aged to perfection.

My thoughts are distinct from, but related to, the occasional wrestling narrative of a younger stud taunting his older opponent. I actually love seeing younger and older wrestlers go to town on each other, though I confess I typically ache to see the more mature guy own the young buck’s ass (and any other body part he wants).  When Mitch Colby showed up for his debut match with BG East, wrestling against hottie Alexi Adamov, Alexi was already disparaging Mitch as ready to be put out to pasture. Mitch smirks in response to the “old man” banter, and then lets his gorgeous pecs and bulging biceps give the only answer necessary, laying Alexi the fuck OUT when all was said and done.

Go on, Alexi. Take a look at the “old man” who just put you down.

Now I’m terrible at guessing ages. But I’m thinking Mitch couldn’t have been over 40 years old when he wrestled Alexi. Possibly early 40’s, but that absolutely requires that he have the genes of a comic book superhero. Look at that fucking rocking muscle bod!? So sure, he’s older than Alexi, and Alexi wants to unsettle this physical phenom of a newbie muscle stud, so the young Russian gets all snarky about the only thing he can imagine sensational Mitch could be, in any way, insecure about. About the time Alexi is doing the backstroke in a pool of their combined sweat, unable to pry is wasted, hot, gorgeous young body off the mat, the “old guy” drama comes to what I think of as a sensationally satisfying end.

Bear daddy Brooklyn Bodywrecker takes full possession of every naked inch of Joshua Goodman (though we only see his gorgeous backside).

Physical maturity, pitched well, makes me weak in the knees.  Take Brooklyn Bodywrecker with salt-and-pepper goatee and chest hair bringing us as close as we’ve come to seeing Joshua Goodman (that’s Mr. Joshua to you!) stripped naked and showing off the ballast he carries in his pouch. Joshua tries to get underneath the classic heel’s skin with the “o” word. Bodywrecker tags him, bags him, and takes out the prettiest trash on the planet. How old was BBW? I have no idea. I’m guessing over 40, but like I said, I suck at guessing ages. But one thing I do know for certain: he wasn’t “too old.”

Christopher Bruce was a luscious babyface during his first stint with BG East well over a decade ago.

Take Christopher Bruce’s big comeback a few years ago, returning in mindblowing condition after last appearing a decade earlier as a doe eyed, shapely, lean go-go boy, now older, marginally wiser, and stealing the spotlight from every frustrated opponent with that insanely sexy, infinitely fuckable, massively muscled bubble butt. Cole Cassidy, Jonny Firestorm, they keep calling Chris out as some sort of doddering elder statesman, but that’s just the narrative tension in the story. The obvious truth is that he’s a fucking muscle god who, as far as I’m concerned, is about 30 times overtly sexier than he was a decade ago. Proving that it isn’t just the story of the mature hunk schooling a cocky young upstart that gets me off, he’s still getting his ass handed to him most of the time, but the years are absolutely nothing but value added in my book.

Take a good look at an “old man” of the ring, Jonny!

So age, age differences, “oldness,” “youngness,” sure all of these things are moving parts, contested, manipulated, foregrounded strategically. But in and of itself, the actual notion that someone is too old, as a function of a particular number, just seems ludicrous to me. Sure, maybe over the course of his years a wrestler has fucked up his knees or lost his strength or gone on blood thinners, in which case high impact, highly entertaining homoerotic wrestling competition may not be for him anymore. But’s that’s about injury, disease, and fitness, not a number.

Dirk Caber is reported to have only started muscling up and settling into porn at age 30. With a handsome, grey beard and insanely hot, mature beef, he is a raging bull when he wrestles and fucks for Naked Kombat.

As with any professional athlete, I’m sure there’s a time when they may choose to do other things than exercise, diet, and train with the intensity it requires to be safe and healthy and successful in a pro wrestling ring. But I’m also sure there are plenty of hunks who are talented and enthusiastic enough to keep climbing through those ropes past their 30’s (for god’s sake), definitely past their 40’s, many, I’m sure past their 50’s and maybe even 60’s. While I know there are those fans who want nothing but barely legals, I’m in the camp (and I know there are many of us) who are happily entertained and fully aroused by homoerotic wrestling hunks of a variety of ages, in a broad array of scenarios, pitching, catching conquering and being conquered by peers and young punks alike. Bald spots and grey hair can grab me by the short hairs, when paired with a sexy body, an engaging attitude, and a skillful sell.

Shane McCall returned to BG East competition this past year as a more mature, salt-n-pepper bearded bear daddy with a crazy sexy belly and a fierce readiness to teach twink Ty a thing or two (or twenty) in Catchweight 6.

Before I finish what has turned into a very long post, let me just add a word of encouragement and another word of caution to those who are inspired to comment here. First, I always enjoy hearing from readers, comparing notes, seeing where our tastes overlap and where they diverge. Please do let me know what you think about homoerotic wrestler expiration dates. And, as has been my policy for quite a while, note that I won’t approve posts that attack particular wrestlers or that disparage anyone with the balls to climb into a ring and wrestle for a bunch of horny gay men. You don’t have to like the same wrestlers I do. You don’t have to agree with my opinions. But comments are welcome here that are respectful of me and the homoerotic wrestlers who populate the pages of this blog and who deserve courtesy, even if you or I aren’t fans.

10 thoughts on “Expiration Dates

  1. Had no idea a favorite of mine Dirk Caber had done a naked kombat vid. Thanks for sharing that info. Another man who I think would fit in the older stud bracket and be an amazing erotic wrestler is Dirk’s smoking hot husband Jesse Colter.

  2. i loved wrestling shane i wish there was more of the daddy looking wrestlers in vids they are all alot of fun

  3. The young looking babyfaces do not turn me on at all. In fact, although I agree with you about the issue of consent, if they look like they are too young to consent (even if they actually are old enough) it is an instant turn-off. I have been completely uninterested in BG Easts new crop (Ty Alexander, Mason Brooks, Kayden Keller, etc.) because they all look like little kids. I skip all of those videos (and all of your posts covering these twinks) because it is just not sexy to me. I get that everyone has their own tastes, and I am not disparaging anyone — I am just talking about my own tastes. I find that “type” to be completely unattractive and boring.

    I love the scenarios you describe above — older vet kicking the ass of a younger stud. However, the examples you provided (Alexi and Joshua) were not twinks. They were young men, but no one would mistake them for high school kids. And they had some meat on their bones — their bodies are muscular and masculine, not boyish. That is why it was so hot seeing Mitch and BBW kick their asses: because Mitch and BBW were facing strong men in their prime and humiliating them. For me there is nothing impressive (and thus, nothing arousing) about seeing a skinny little boy get his ass kicked. That fantasy does not work for me.

    Plus, maturity and experience is very sexy. It is less about age than about confidence and experience. Dirty Daddy (aka Guido aka Chris Dickinson) is probably the sexiest wrestler around. I have no idea how old he is (like you, I am terrible at guessing ages), but I suspect he is way under 40. Yet, his body is not boyish at all, and he walks through the ring with the confidence of someone who has been wrestling for decades (and he performs with the expertise to back up that confidence). That is super hot. Some of these skinny, babyfaced twinks may have confidence, but they are too young for me to buy it. That fantasy does not work for me with them. Dirty Daddy or BBW (and others) sell it because there is nothing boyish about them.

    So I am glad that others get off on this new crop at BGE. But for me this whole phase of BGE is mostly disappointing.

  4. I totally agree with CBoapinta.

    Hey, you forgot -I assume for good reasons- DW.

    His BG matches against Brad Rochelle, Joshua, Nick Archer, Sean Patrick, Patrick Donovan” and all the bunch are -for me- the hottest wrestling at BG east, all time.

    And it is as you say. It is a battle of an older muscle guy -between his 40s to 50s and more- against a young and muscle MAN between his 25 and 40 -in his prime manhood-. And of course, when the older one wins against the muscle young MAN something moves -in your brain and in your pants-.

    And sometime is mesmerizing also to watch the younger muscle MAN defeats and humiliates the older guy, obtaining his right to be the boss.

    It is a manly manly thing of all times. It simbolizes real life of men in real life.


  5. Well, being one of the older daddy wrestler of mucho years, I myself prefer my opponents younger than myself. I’ve always wrestled guys half my age. Cameron Matthews and Jayden Mayne are two of the ones I’ve had the pleasure of wrestling with privately. But we don’t see too many of these type of matches being sold. Plus, the daddies seem to be more hairy and I enjoy the smooth hairless bods. I’m not sure how well they would sell, but if they did sell well, I’ve got like fifteen vids I’d love to sell. All profits would go to myopponent, as I’d wrestle for free cause I love it so much.
    If bg ever wanted to do another daddy vs young pup, like Ty Alexander, I’d volunteer in a heart beat.

  6. Personally, I often don’t know whether l like something until I see it. My tastes are varied and I like all sorts of different combinations … age, race, ethnicity, size, body shape, hairiness, storyline, wrestling style, etc. So I’d like as much diversity as possible. I feel like there’s too many of the same guys working across companies, which makes it feel like the pool of talent is shrinking.

    The big thing I object to is guys pushing their preference on everyone else. I hate the idea that people push for a “right” and a “wrong” type of wrestler. Variety should be respected. I don’t really care what folks make or other guys like. I certainly don’t expect to like every video or every video producer. If something isn’t good, I believe that the market will determine whether it should continue.

    Ultimately, I’m confident that I’ll find something to watch. If a company has a “no wrestlers over 30” policy, that’s their right, in my opinion. I wouldn’t judge them negatively for it at all. Maybe that’s their brand. If a producer has an aesthetic they’re going for, I respect that. It’s an opportunity for someone else to launch their own effort and see if the fans will pay for it, too.

  7. I agree.There is nothing hotter than two mature muscled guys going at it. Mitch Colby got started right about the time he was turning 40. There are NO sexier wrestlers out there who are hotter than him.

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