“I mean, look at you!”

Filed under, “Well, I wasn’t quite expecting THAT!,” you can find BG East’s newest full throttle erotic release X-Fights 40. Even if you’re a casual reader of neverland, you can probably guess that 4 times out of 5, if I’m surprised, I’m happy. That is definitely the case when it comes to the twists, turns, and twistedness of adorable 2015 jobber of the year Ty Alexander getting his hands all over beefy, beautiful muscledaddy, making his debut, Beauxregard.

Beauxregard – 6′, 210 lbs

Since this is an X-Fight, I was fully prepared for naked wrestling with a heaping helping of erotic content.  A little more surprising to me was the sensational presence and performance of bulging rookie Beauxregard. And still more surprising and delightful was watching babyface booty boy Ty Alexander opening up a can of unabashed whoop ass on his new muscledaddy plaything.

Ty shocks and awes was a cracking slap on Beaux’s beautiful butt!

Not that I’m shocked that Ty has it in him.  I remarked the very first time I saw him in action on a particularly confident and accomplished ring sequence in which he knocks all 6’3″ of Kayden Keller on his ass with crotch-twitching authority early on. We saw him clench his jaw and go postal in spurts all over Drake Marcos. I thought he’d seriously lost his shit and was about to toss his claim at the title of jobber supreme when he let loose on Mad Mykel. But sooner or later, seemingly inevitably, Ty ends up flat on his back with someone’s big, pulsing cock hovering just overtop him. It’s not that Ty can, quite convincingly kick ass that surprises me, so much as it is that he can honest to the wrestling gods seriously put the punishment on someone as fucking huge and hard as beefy Beauxregard.

Big Beaux’s bulging pecs seem to inspire the Trophy Boy.

The erotic tension is dripping off of the both of them from the moment Ty climbs in the ring and can’t tear his eyes away from his opponent’s muscles. When the rookie muscledaddy engages him in typical pre-match banter (Can’t believe you had the balls to show up… that sort of thing), Ty cuts straight to the chase. “How could I not!?” he asks, licking lips and pinching the muscle hunk’s nipples.

“I mean, look at you!”

Personally, I love the unexpected irony of a middleweight babyface jobber taking the bull by the bulging horn and riding him like a rodeo cowboy.  When Ty suddenly lands a cracking slap across the granite jawline of Beauxregard, there’s a little comic relief in the form of the look of shock that quickly washes across one of their face’s (and it’s not Beaux’s). Ty beats a hasty retreat out of the ring, with the muscledaddy rookie in hot pursuit.  Ty dives back inside the ring, but as Beauxregard steps halfway through the ropes to follow, Ty attacks.  He doesn’t just attack, he beats him down.  He doesn’t just beat him down, he stomps him into an impotent pool of deliciously useless muscles.

Beaux’ hot muscles hit the deck hard.

So the drama that quickly develops is not the plot I’d expected. Ty is on him and riding that muscle ass with a sadistic glee. He’s relentless, stomping and punching, dropping knees and elbows in a furious hail of seasoned focus. He’s got muscledaddy down, and he keeps him there a good long time. When he strips the big man of his trunks and starts showing a whole lot of (understandably) lustful attention to that glorious, rock hard ass and sensationally thick legs, I’m thinking to myself, “Oh, shit! Ty is just about to score the biggest upset of the year and not just heel-turn, but tap the ass of this muscledaddy bruiser, Beaux!”

Trophy Boy about to tag a rock hard muscled ass!?

Alas, that’s not quite the way the drama unfolds. But these compelling wrestlers take me there, right up to that point of suspense, to that value added, heart racing moment of pondering the possibility of a jobber not just punching way above his weight, but silencing all the sneering, condescending, withering trash talk he’s endured for a couple of years running as nothing but a narcissist jobber with an over-inflated estimation of his own fashion sense. If Ty had tied big Beauxregard in the ropes, spanked those granite glutes raw and then fucked him into a weeping pool of utter humiliation and tears, if Ty had truly tagged this beast and made this growling, rumbling baritone into his fantastically intimidating, totally obedient Rottweiler, I’d have declared the Trophy Boy king of the world, homoerotic wrestler of the decade, and in full possession of my cock.

Both wrestlers are excited for what comes next.

The real story is a lot more complex. Beauxregard sells getting trampled like a seasoned pro, but he doesn’t stay down. The more explicitly Ty telegraph’s his eagerness to become the little jobber who could, the more Beaux gets the message loud and clear that his fabulous granite glutes will get owned should he lose, the more the muscledaddy rookie roars back into contention. For an X-Fight, this is deliciously competitive, and I’m loving the grit and gristle that Ty manages to pull out of the hot bodied rookie. He irritates and provokes the big man. He taunts him and distinctly puts in jeopardy the massive ego matching Beauxregard’s huge muscles. So when the muscledaddy newbie steps up his game to stay in this fight, there’s a rage and lust for domination that glistens seductively from Beaux’s bulging body.

Beauxregard gets his hands all over the trophy.

In the lexicon of pro wrestling, particularly erotic pro, there’s an oft told tale of the young, beautiful, untested boy throwing everything he’s got at a big baddy and getting the his ego smacked hard into it’s rightful place. So familiar is the tale that it really has to be told well to keep it fresh and compelling. Ty and Beaux compel me here, and the more furiously the big man bears down and zeroes in on Ty’s beautiful ass and fully aroused cock, the more compelling all of the hot erotic tension boils over into a full-monty X-fight.

Sexiest tree-of-woe of 2016!? Quite possibly…

In case you haven’t seen it and are curious, Beaux’s cock cannot be contained in the tiny pouch of his g-string. And for the record, that lunchbox could feed thousands.  Watching his body react to the fading hopes of the randy punk at his feet is sensationally sexy. Beaux’s eyes soak in Ty’s destruction, and everything from the set of his shoulders and thrust of his hips to his pulsing, heavily bouncing erection, convey the heart and soul of an X-fight. Ty wants him. He wants Ty. He takes possession of his prey in the ring and requires the Trophy Boy to pound one out, and then drags the cutie from the ring to stick his newly won trophy on the mantle.

That ass belongs to Beaux.

An X-fight debut is a tall order, as far as I’m concerned, so it’s no small feat that Beauxregard wins not only Ty’s sweet ass, but my hearty approval as an instant fan. I hope we see much more of those fantastic muscles and hear much more of that ball grabbing, rumbling bass. And as for the Trophy Boy, one of these days, perhaps despite his reluctant pride in being top jobber, I think Ty may very well once and for all shock the fuck out of everyone and ride some lucky, hot opponent all the way to victory. If X-Fight 40 is any indication, I think the bigger, harder, and hotter his opponent, the more likely Ty is to finally turn that corner.

6 thoughts on ““I mean, look at you!”

  1. I was happy to see this write up. I’ve gotten so bored lately of the typical matches where the bigger muscle guy beats down some smooth jobber. To me, I find a back and forth, or even a reversal of that scenario to be ultra hot and unexpected. When I first saw the pics of this match I fully thought it would be another bigger dude squashing the smaller guy. But I was really surprised with how hot and erotic this match was. I loved watching the muscle daddy get manhandled, especially seeing Ty slap and grab that big bulge. Hope to see more matches like this in the future.

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