Blogger Reckoning – by Drake


It was great to get back to writing original homoerotic wrestling fiction a couple of months ago. Response to my posting of a fictional account of stepping into the ring again (this time as referee) with Drake Marcos was overwhelming. Reading about homoerotic wrestling, writing about homoerotic wrestling, writing homoerotic wrestling fiction, talking about homoerotic wrestling… it all turns me on. As does the image of handsome studpuppy Drake tied in the ropes, with goldenboy Trey Dixon getting (and giving) a little help from the ref to make sure Drake got a little pleasure as he went down hard to yet another wrestling opponent. As I said, the response was overwhelming, and most surprising of all was the offer to write the next chapter in that scenario from…


…Drake Marcos. That’s write, the Cheshire Cat himself insisted that he would be the one to put pen to page and compose the blogger-reckoning of what happened immediately after I had the pleasure of counting him out and over with at the hands of Trey. On the one hand, I was surprised Drake would let stand the loving attention I poured into describing his tumultuous defeat by Trey. But on the other hand, if I’ve learned nothing else about big D, I’ve learned that he really, really, really likes to have the last word.

So I promised to publish whatever Drake came up with. I’m fully anticipating this is going to be a very bumpy ride for yours truly, based on the very hard feelings (and cocks) involved in my well-documented encounter with the sensational jobber a year and a half ago (IRL). Drake’s never quite managed to put his crushing humiliation at the hands of a mere blogger behind him. He’s been promising to spank me hard in some hypothetical rematch that he never quite seem to put on his calendar. Well, Drake’s first installment of his Blogger Reckoning story is here, and as I predicted, it’s a bumpy ride. Buckle up, and I hope you enjoy this glimpse inside the twisted mind of the Cheshire Cat even half as much as I do, no matter how terribly my fictional self suffers! And just to clarify, Drake sent me the words, but I exercised the publisher’s prerogative to supply appropriate pics to illustrate them.


Blogger Reckoning – by Drake Marcos

Part 1

0903_lgIf you’re a follower of all things BGEast you’ll undoubtedly have seen the posts about pictures leaking from within its hallowed walls from, who Bard has coined Omi: “Our Man Inside.” Now, while I was the original “deep throat,” if you will, I am not responsible for the subsequent leaks. Someone else has taken up my noble cause to let fans of the top-tier homoerotic wrestling company know what happens behind closed doors, bringing you candid shots of barely dressed wrestlers laughing it up and being themselves long after the video cameras have stopped rolling.

I fear for the safety of whoever is leaking those pics (although they’re doing an admirable job at evading exposure thus far) because I did not escape punishment. Bard’s “hopes” that I wasn’t bound up in a footlocker for smuggling behind the scenes photos past the watchful eye of the boss weren’t entirely unfounded.

I suffered many weeks of apologizing profusely, begging for mercy, and promising anything, anything to avoid punishment from those who I had so brazenly photo’d without permission. After a few thumpings (in and out of the ring) I was resigned to bitch duty such as keeping the arena neat and tidy, scrubbing the wrestling mats and the ring and it just…never quite stopped.

After some time had passed and I felt that I had regained some of the respect that I had lost, Bard came along and took for granted my charity work of making a fan’s dreams come true and blindsided me with a cheap shot, and then proceeded to plaster my body all over the Florida ring and took pictures for the whole wrestling world to see.
And it just…never quite stopped.

There I go again! ~Bard

Here we are, over a year past the infamous day and Bard continues to post these pictures and taunt me from afar, knowing that his day of reckoning is coming. And just between you and me? I think he wants it.

1002_lgKid Leopard, as you could imagine, was not happy.

Here I was, having just crawled myself out of the muck and mire of having disappointed him the first time by leaking photos without his approval, and now here I was getting thrown around the hallowed ring by a fucking blogger who had absolutely NO wrestling experience…and the pictures were going around the web?

I got cussed out by the boss…there was a wagging finger, a wooden spoon, and a lot of Italian and Yiddish phrases that I didn’t quite understand but it all came down to the same thing… I had besmirched the good name of BG by letting myself get beaten (yes, I said it, “beaten”) by a wrestling blogger.

I tried to explain to him how Bard had cheated …how he had not won with honor and KL responded with, “A win is a win, it doesn’t matter how you get it.”

Over time, I’ve come to accept that that is true.

I shouldn’t have turned my back.

My punishment for this was being banned from the ring for a short time. Which, for a man like me, is killer. I fucking lived and thrived for this shit! This was the wrestler’s equivalent of being grounded by your parents.

But thank the gods…something happened.

A private collector wanted a custom match… a match of yours truly Drake Marcos vs Trey Dixon with Bard as a referee.

Now, I had wanted Trey Dixon for a while but time and fortune had not lined up for that match just yet, until now.

I also wanted Bard.

If there was any way to clear my name and restore my standing in the company it would be not by only destroying the gorgeous, ripped Californian goldenboy in front of the Boss…it would also be by dispatching the blogger immediately after.

KL mentioned the custom request in passing, and yes, Virginia was a good little girl for Christmas because this year, yes, there IS a Santa Claus.

—-to be continued—-

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