Our Man-Inside

Yesterday I woke up to find 6 inches of powder fresh snow and chilly winter temperatures. Then I checked my email and found some unexpected photos that turned the heat way, way up!

I see new faces and long-standing favorites alike lounging in the BG East pool.

I make no apologies for my infatuation with candid, behind-the-scenes glimpses of wrestlers being themselves. I drop no subtle hints that I’m always in the market for someone to smuggle out pics of the hotness that happens when the video cameras stop rolling at a homoerotic wrestling taping.  I also know that Kid Leopard has personally tanned the asses of some of his boys who’ve leaked pics like these in the past. But it seems we still have someone on the inside willing to risk the wrath of the Boss in order to feed our hunger for more never-before-seen images of what hot, hunky wrestlers get up to when the Boss’ back is turned.

Drake Marcos is mounted in Mason Brooks shoulders as they roughhouse with what appears to be a couple of fresh off the farm rookies.

I’ve asked, and I’ve pointedly not been told who shot these photos.  So far, no one has claimed credit/blame, which may be understandable, considering that ass-tanning I just mentioned. They were sent to me with a few sparse details to provide enough context to feed our curiosity but, presumably, not enough specifics to provide sufficient detail to finger the photog (which I’m willing to do in gratitude!).

Friends of neverland, Mason and Drake, soak up the sunshine in a break between wrestling matches.


I’ll report this out just like I received it, in discrete installments. Our man-inside confirms that these shots were taken at a very recent taping in Florida. Clearly on hand were some long-standing friends of neverland, including the Cheshire Cat himself, Drake Marcos and the thinking-man’s homoerotic wrestler, Mason Brooks.  Most of pics look pretty serene with the boys in their speedos basking in the sunshine.  Then, there was this last pic in the first batch that caught my eye, as I’m sure it will yours:

The star of the first ever Custom Combat, Drake Marcos, appears to have been claimed by the thinking man’s homoerotic wrestler, Mason Brooks!


That’s right, an autographed pic of the Cheshire Cat, Drake Marcos, that’s been tagged with the provocative words, “Property of Mason Brooks.”  What’s the backstory here!? Did nippletastic Mason conquer and claim the most eager man in homoerotic wrestling in an as-yet unreleased match? Whoever smuggled me the pics has been silent on the topic. I’m having a hard time keeping up with my mandatory holiday parties, because I’m constantly distracted by the possibility that Mason’s got a new pet who, I’m sure, would need equal doses of discipline and affection to train up just right.  Was this just a playful prank, or did Drake’s ass, like his photo, get tagged by the ambitious plotter Mason?

Stay tuned for more teased mysteries and musings left in my inbox…

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