Blogger Reckoning: Part 6 – by Drake

I’m shocked and bewildered by this final chapter in Drake’s narrative response to my New Year’s homoerotic wrestling fiction. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: surprising me turns me on! This climactic finish very well may call for making this narrative a trilogy, because this is compelling my imagination down all sorts of provocative paths. Nicely played, Cheshire Cat.  Nicely played.


Blogger Reckoning – by Drake

Part 6 (Finale)


Nothing feels better than finally realizing a goal…something you’ve dreamed and worked hard for and then it’s suddenly in your hands. You want to enjoy it…savor it.

That was a mistake.

He dug his fingers into my crotch and I howled, grabbing at his bulging forearm and writhing, releasing the bodyscissor reflexively and arching up. My teeth gritted against the cries of pain bubbling in my throat.

I bunched my abs as I struggled to a sitting position, wailing away at his pecs only to receive a bitchslap and a shove.

“Stay down!” He snarled as I groaned and writhed in pain, my balls on fire.
“You dirty, fucking bitch!” I spat and pulled at my hair, struggling under him. I managed to pull my leg back to my chest and thrust my foot into his pecs, throwing him off of me. Feeling his nails drag along my manhood, I let out a startled cry and rolled to the ropes. Dragging myself up, tears in my eyes, bent slightly double, I soothed and rubbed my aching manhood.

Bard moved in, firing a kick to my hamstring, knocking me to one knee as he fired another kick, I caught his foot and threw him backwards onto his ass. I got back to my feet, the pain in my hamstring shifting focus away from my busted nuts. I moved cautiously staying out of arm’s reach for a moment, and then dove in, swinging an arm to his pecs, which he caught and propelled me across the ring.

I hit the ropes and bounced back, ducking as he charged me with a clothesline. I hit the opposite ropes and rebounded once more, and as I came back, I leapt off the mat using my forward trajectory to hit him crossbody, taking him down to the mat.  I landed hard on him, winding us both but managing to hook his leg.  I heard the Boss shout from behind the camera: “ONE! TWO!”

Bard kicked out, popping a shoulder off of the mat. I growled and drove my forearm across his throat and rolled him up again: ONE!

Kick out.

I slapped and punched the mat, angrily.

Rising, I dragged him to his feet by his arm and yanked him in close. “You’re done, old man,” I snarled into his ear,  lifting my knee to his abs to double him up. I snagged his waistband, squatted and lifted him hard, carrying him up and over in a suplex.

Boss: ONE! TWO!

KICK OUT?! Dafuq?!

I punched the mat and roared, getting to my feet. I glared at him as he rolled, trying to get to the ropes. I grabbed his leg and rolled him over, and climbed on top of him, bulge to bulge and started to grind, wrapping my legs around his, I nibbled on his ear, licked up his neck, felt his cock respond as I continued to grind on him. “Yeah, baby blogger bitch Bard…just let it all go. I’m the better man today…”

He moaned and I felt his heart flutter underneath me as I nuzzled his neck and moved my legs into position.

“You done now?” I quizzed, looking into his eyes as I pinned his arms over his head.

“Not a chance, jobberboy,” he breathed.

“Good,” I smirked and spread his arms high above his head and grapevined his legs and ripped his crotch wide as i stretched and pulled the wannabe wrestler out hard and tight. 
His eyes popped wide open. “Awgh, FUCK FUCK!!,” he wailed weakly as I stretched the bitch out more and more, laughing in his face.

I have to give the bitch  credit…he held out in the hold until my legs started to cramp when I was forced to release him.

Rolling over, I smirked at the boss and gave him a thumbs up.

He remained as stone-faced as ever.

I looked at Bard, “Time to end this once and for all, bitch.” Sneering, I bent down and grabbed him by his arm and waistband, dragging him to his feet.

Sweet…sweet retribution…

I turned sideways and hooked his head and bent down hooking a leg, and then grunting mightily I hoisted him up high in a torture rack which promptly set him yelling and crying out. I carried him around the ring, stomping with each step to increase the pressure on his bowing back, giggling the whole way. Then I stopped midring and began to squat with the blogger across my back, growling with each squat.

Perfect form of course.

Each time I rose, I pulled down on his chin and thigh, further stressing his spinal cord.
“You done? You done?”

He kept yelling and protesting, “Fuck you Marcos!”

I kept squatting and laughing. “Apologize for the shit talk, bitch. You’re done!!”

After a few moments he surprised us both by saying. “Ok! OK! I apologize! Let me down!!!”

I dropped him hard to the mat and smirked, my foot on his ass as I flexed and preened for myself in the mirror, the benefactor at home that was getting more than he bargained for, and most importantly, the boss.

I stepped off Bard and smiled, looking at Kid Leopard still holding the camera, his eye away from the viewer as he smiled.

“Did I make you proud, boss?” I asked, hoping I had officially set everything right.


“Maybe?!” I spat. “I fucking kicked his ass! Took a few lessons from Heel University, I might say.” I said with an eyebrow raised, my body drenched in sweat. I wiped it from my brow and stared down at him from the apron.
“You did good, kid.” he said, his catch-all phrase which I always felt was ambiguous. “But there’s one thing that you forgot about.”

“Oh?” I asked.

And that’s when I felt a thick, muscular arm encircle my neck.

Fucking Bard.

I gasped and struggled, feeling my cock expand, looking towards the boss for help but he only reholstered the camera and kept filming. “Never turn your back” I heard Bard whisper in my ear.

I growled and stomped his foot, which forced him to release me. I spun to face him and he whipped his foot up into my nuts. I howled and collapsed to my knees and then fell to my face as a worshipper praying towards Mecca as the hot molten lead ball of pain settled in my stomach from the low blow.

Bard kicked me over on my side and ripped my trunks off of me, and then his off of himself, quickly binding my legs and my arms behind me, rolling me onto my back. My hard cock bouncing and dripping as I stared up at him, growling.

“Fucking cheating bastard,” I sneered.

“‘Heel University’ was it?” He asked, laughing and then placed his barefoot across my throat and pressed down, choking me. I gagged and coughed and thrashed. My cock bobbed and throbbed and leaked.

Back where he belongs

I heard a commotion in the ring and it wasn’t until Kid Leopard was standing over me with the lens pointed at my oxygen deprived face  did I realize…

I’m ready for my close-up., Mr. Demille…

He was getting a close-up…he was setting up the closing shot. I groaned weakly and watched as KL put a hand on Bard’s shoulder…as if they were fucking allies.

I continued to gasp and struggle but the writing was on the wall for this one. I hadn’t got a pin, I hadn’t got an actual submission. I had gotten cocky…careless…

My eyes watered as I felt the betrayal and the humiliation as I stared up at the two, Bard’s bare foot pressing down harder. He bent down and grabbed my aching, yearning cock and stroked it as my struggles began to slow, as  my vision started to fuzz out.

Something hot and warm covered my stomach and I heard one last thing before everything went black.

“Ding, ding, jobberboy.”


drakestuffitA little while later I woke up, groaning, bound once again in the ropes, my mouth stuffed with the soiled and sweaty trunks of both myself and Bard. Tears of shame filled my face as I writhed in the darkened arena, trying to spit out the gear only to realize the ring tape wrapped around my head, keeping them in.

I heard the boss’ earlier words ringing in my ears. “A win is a win…it doesn’t matter how you get it.”

Shaking with rage and throbbing with the humiliation, I dropped my head and gave myself once more the darkness.

——-The End———-

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