Spicy Ginger Surprise

Rare breed ginger Latino pornboy hunk Steven Ponce

Picking up the theme of who was overlooked in the battle for top ginger at BG East when Charlie Evans and Blaine Janus faced off in Great Outdoors 2, I’m also aware that porn stud Steven Ponce probably also deserves a seat at the table. Guys who make the transition from full on gay porn to homoerotic wrestling can break one of two ways, I think. There are examples I’ll leave unnamed of pornboys who are simply out of their element, with little wrestling skill and an evident discomfort in selling a pro wrestling story. And then there are sensational examples of pornboys who fucking rock it like primetime, typically with some self-evident wrestling background and an enthusiasm for the particular melodrama that distinguishes homoerotic pro wrestling from boomchickaboom typical porn.  But then, on the third hand, there’s Steven Ponce.

Does he want to fuck or wrestle?

Steven isn’t the first freckled faced red-headed Latino hunk I’ve seen, but they’ve been a rare breed in my sampling of hot men. His sultry, sexy as fuck accent slaps my racial/ethnic biases and preconceptions in the face, sort of the way that Mike Yanagita does in Fargo. He’d be a long shot in the ginger-off between Charlie, Blaine, Kid Karisma and him, of course. Though I’d pay a premium to watch Kid K ride Ponce’s pornboy bubble butt while Charlie worships the karismatic one’s world class muscles. But I haven’t had high expectations for Steven’s wrestling prowess to date. He looks like he’s happy to climb in the ring, mind you. I think he enjoys the competition, and judging by his nail gun, he clearly has skin in the game when it comes to wrestling for stakes. But I typically think of Steven as marking time until he can get naked and throw himself into his first language, that being sexing up some lucky, lucky erotic partner.

Sex boils over before they even reach the ring

So I’m happy to report that Steven yet again slaps my preconceptions in the face when he shows up in the ring with Ty Alexander in BG East’s recent release X-Fights 41. Ty’s cred as a serious wrestler has been on the rise in my book. Now, I know there are fans who hold Ty in contempt for his Trophy Boy shtick and persistent overestimation of his wrestling ability and universal sexual allure. As for me, I think that makes Ty a sensationally provocative character to toss into a pro wrestling ring. He makes you feel something. He demands you pass judgment on him. Whether you ache to see him ride his cocky confidence to victory, insisting on his own self-fulfilling prophecy, or whether you get some frictional satisfaction watching his big, big talk go down in flames while an opponent roughs him up and humiliates him mercilessly (which is more often the case), Ty provides the propulsion in the story, which is a thousand times more entertaining (and hot) than watching two very pretty guys clock in and clock out without much effort or panache.

Knee to the groin and deep, ripping pec claws… and they still haven’t stepped foot inside the ring!

But Ty has the capacity to kick ass. Even when he goes down in flames, he almost always puts a hurt on his opponent. He clearly likes the ring. He’s comfortable with the geography and the mechanics of pro wrestling. He relishes the mind game, and he’s demonstrated multiple times that when it comes to our particular clan of gay men sexually aroused by wrestling, Ty is one of us. Honestly, I expected it to be a cake walk when I saw Ty climb into the ring with Steven, with Ty taking the bull by his fully erect horn and grinding the eager, if hapless pornboy into the mat. That is not what you get in X-Fights 41.

“I’m going to abuse you.”

It is true that Ty sets the pace. “I’m going to abuse you,” the Trophy Boy whispers ominously, stroking the red-headed hunk’s muscles before the match and literally licking his lips. A little self-consciously, Steven chuckles. “I’m going to have fun being abused by you,” the Latino power hitter coos, locking lips with Trophy Boy and setting the thermostat to sweltering before the boys have even hinted at wrestling. So I think I can be forgiven if I was expecting this to be a pornboy squash. Ty can deliver. Steven seemed to cede the territory immediately.

Steven came to wrestle!

But this is not a cake walk. While Ty takes matters into hand with an early and persistent shock and awe offense of cock teasing interspersed with savage ball claws to keep the pornboy unbalanced, Steven makes me stand up and cheer when he suddenly snaps out of jobberville and slaps on a gorgeous, red-headed bearhug and squeezes long and hard with those big, freckled, muscled arms. He pulls his opponent off his feet, hoisting Ty into the air and demonstrating how that hot, hot muscled body is for so much more than looking pretty while pounding ass.

Hammerlock and ass spanking, Steven is intent on marrying his two careers.


And it’s not a one off. Steven stays on offense, throwing him down and quickly clamping his lovely thighs around Ty’s ribs and making the Trophy Boy scream a little in panic. Honestly, I’d have been happy with just two mojo-sucking moves from the pornboy turned pro wrestler. So imagine my pleasure when Steven releases the scissors only to instantly slip into place a standing surfboard, ripping Ty’s arms backward while the pornboy stands over top of him. Holy fuck, that’s a pornboy/novice wrestler demonstrating some convincing, domineering chain wrestling!

And he steps on Ty’s balls, to boot!!!

And then, right there in that surfboard, Steven steps on Ty’s balls. I think the Trophy Boy screamed, but I’m not sure, because I was shouting ecstatic encouragement at the screen. I got just a briefest hint of Rusty Stevens there, who I count as the top pornboy turned homoerotic pro wrestler ever. Rusty still makes me swoon in reruns because he was so fucking vicious. So disdainful. So cripplingly vile. Steven’s not there, by any stretch, but just glimpses, like that gratuitous grinding of Ty’s balls in the surfboard, make me think there’s a lot more potential in the Latino ginger than I knew to expect.

This wrestling match is careening in exactly one direction

Both x-fighters are battling with their raging lusts as much as each other as the match unfolds. There’s aggressive face sucking throughout, often successfully distracting one or the other from offensive momentum and pushing the reset button on the give and take of the wrestling contest. They both want to fuck. There’s just no denying that fact. The only question is, within this complicated formula weighting each stud’s will to win, factoring in their roaring lusts to fuck, who will be left victorious? And, does it matter, because, fuck, this is just all about fucking!

OTK heaven/hell

Ty’s love-’em-‘n’-hate-’em offense finally turns the tide his way, but this isn’t a novice pornboy collapse. It’s hard fought, bitterly contested, and intensely sexy. Ty woos him with liplocks and nipple nibbling until the pornboy leaves himself totally open to get scooped up and slammed down into a sensationally nasty OTK backbreaker. Equal parts erection stroking and ball ripping clawing leaves the ginger hunk shedding tears of both pleasure and pain. When Ty throws him down and quickly slides Steven into place for damp, smothering face-to-crotch headscissors, there’s a pathetic sincerity to Steven’s voice when his muffled cries groan, “Holy… shit!!!”

Ty’s got his eye on the prize from start to finish.


Now, when Ty is in the room, it’s typically all about Ty’s ass. Ty loves his ass. Ty fucking worships his own ass. If Ty could get a bronze statue of his own ass made, he’d have it at the front door of his house to greet visitors. So you know there’s something magical about Steven Ponce’s muscled bubble butt when Ty turns his full attention onto it.  There’s a moment where I think Ty’s lust for that pornboy ass could be his undoing, he becomes so fixated on grabbing it, pulling Steven’s tights down to expose it, squeezing, clawing, kissing it. Watching the Trophy Boy enraptured with someone else’s ass is delightful to watch, and in the end, rather than being his undoing, it seems to merely compel Ty to turn the burner on high and bring this explosive mix to a boil.

Ty owns the pornboy

The offense soon enough veers into porn territory, with force fed cocks and ass worship for days traded back and forth. Steven is particularly frustrated at putting together the pro wrestling match of his career (to date) and yet being repeatedly defied in his quest to get the Trophy Boy to submit. Competitive frustration on top of sexual frustration are finally his undoing, and it’s Ty who drives his opponent to total defenselessness with dizzying pleasure and punishing pain. I’m particularly a fan of the rope work, as the Trophy Boy bends the pint-sized pornboy backward over the top rope with a chin lock, before slipping into a dragon sleeper. Steven is laid out like a Christmas goose, and Ty digs in, chomping on the pornboy’s meaty pecs, groping his lightly hairy torso, craddling, wooing, teasing the pornboy’s fully erect cock. Soon enough, Ty is strumming him like a guitar all over the ring, and Steven is, quite literally, weeping amid the wash of vicious pleasure. I mean, seriously, he’s weeping. I bet those tears taste like honey on feta, that weeping looks so delicious.

Fucking delicious!

Steven is toast long before the drama is over. Ty turns Steven’s hot body into his own personal erotic playground. Steven submits. Repeatedly. Hopelessly. But it’s only when Ty comes up for air, sucking on the pornboy cock with Steven backed into the ropes, that Ty explains how this is going to end. “This is the submission I want from you,” Ty growls, jerking his opponent’s fully erect cock, sucking face, finally stepping outside the ropes, grabbing Ponce by the hips, and diving in deep between those juicy ass cheeks, face first.

Appetizer, main course, and dessert.

It’s a win-win for everyone, really. Ty was clearly famished for Steven’s ass, and Steven is driven catapulted over the edge by Ty’s tonguing. The pornboy screams his verbal submission at the same time that he shoots his steaming load across the mat. You know just how perfect this climax is when, in service of getting Ty off moments later, the Trophy Boy demands that Ponce sit that fine, fine ass back down across Ty’s face while he pounds out his victory emission.

X-Fight done right

Ty is steady as a rock lately, putting together thoughtful mixes of pro wrestling skill and power and unblinkingly erotic content. I expect to see Ty produce a match this compelling, frankly. Steven, on the other hand, totally takes me by surprise. If he continues this trajectory when it comes to getting more skilled and meaner, BG East contenders had better watch themselves. With an ass that seductive, it may be only a matter of time before some hot, horny wrestler gets completely shocked and owned by a fully realized pornboy turned homoerotic pro wrestler named Steven Ponce.

3 thoughts on “Spicy Ginger Surprise

    1. The pleasure was all mine. Well, except for when you were pounding it out with Steven’s bubble ass on your face. Clearly, there was plenty of pleasure for you there, too. Nice work, Ty.

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