Bard’s Best: Best Ink

Voter turnout for Sexiest Nipples has already been robust. I’ll report out “official” results as of tomorrow, so keep voting if you haven’t yet. But I’m also celebrating the close of 2016 with another niche category in homoerotic wrestling, one for which I have never seen a thorough vetting and careful consideration, but which I get into a lot: Best Ink.

Whenever I post about tattoos, I ALWAYS get comments from some readers complaining that they hate them. I respect the living fuck out of your tastes, but I don’t share them. Not all ink is sexy, of course. It’s not always aesthetically pleasing or complimentary to the body upon which it’s been installed. I don’t like all wrestlers’ tattoos, but usually I find them value added, and occasionally I evaluate them as outrageously sexy. Similar to what I said about nipples, while there are mechanics and geometry and proportion and color science involved, a tattooed wrestler works for me when I have an overwhelming desire to lacquer them up with baby oil and study them up close like the work of art they are.

So I’ve picked out my top five choices for Best Ink in 2016, perusing the homoerotic wrestling scene and, admittedly, focusing on those wrestlers who I watched most this year. I’ve restrained myself from posting multiple angles of each hottie’s canvas, for the sake of brevity. You may (or may not) want to do some due diligence on your part and study up every illustrated inch that may not be visible from the pics below. I know not everyone is into ink as much as I am, but if you are, feel free to register a vote for one of these fine works of art who appeared in a 2016 new release, or nominate someone else in the comments below.

Again, in alphabetical order, because AH appreciates that…

Carter Alexander (BGE)
Eagle (TA)
Calvin Haynes (BGE)
Wes Richards (RHW)

4 thoughts on “Bard’s Best: Best Ink

  1. I voted for Carter, but I’m not a huge ink fan in general. I think all of these guys would look better without their tattoos. I’m definitely not a fan of sleeves, which obscure any arm definition for me and I like sculpted arms. And I’m not a fan of randomness where it’s just a bunch of pictures messily slapped all over the body. Carter’s seem innocuous enough that I can appreciate his beauty.

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