On the one hand, I’ve been noticeably absent from posting here because I’ve been busier than ever with the work that pays the bills. On the other hand, I’m making more money than I ever had in my life, so on the balance, you probably shouldn’t pity me too much for my busyness. I’m not getting to watch as much wrestling these days, however, which is pitiable. I have a few reviews of recent releases in the hopper, but in the meantime, as a compromise, I thought I’d trot out some old pieces that I’ve published elsewhere (and thus, require less time for me to post here now).


A friend who knows this blog well recently asked me about text-based wrestling erotica. It became evident that he was entirely unaware of the homoerotic wrestling fiction I’ve written in the past. I have a couple of collections of stories in private sites for a couple of hundred interested readers. One of those collections became a collaborative site for other writers to post as well (and thus the first time I got to be wildly turned on by the writing of Alex). I pulled down some of the old stories for this friend of mine who was completely unaware of my fiction catalog, and found myself turned on all over again reading these little blasts from the past.


So pulling these out of the private archives and into the light of day feels like something I can carve out some time to do here and there, to supplement my sparse posting on more current topics. I’ve also been inspired by Alex successfully transitioning his ongoing catalog to his blog, so I know it can be done and there may be an interested audience.


So I’ll post another post momentarily with the introduction to the “Producer’s Ring” world, along with one of the first matches I wrote for that universe.  Digging into these stories has already given me the bug to write more, but then that takes me right back to my first point in this post. In any case, thanks for checking in on me in my absence recently, and I hope you enjoy these matches dating back more than 8 years.


2 thoughts on “Re-Runs

  1. Great idea! It’ll be great to see these stories again.

    On a completely selfish note, I’m so happy that I could inspire you after you originally inspired me. Full circle!

  2. This is great news! I only saw the first Producers Ring post, and just saw this post thank To Alex Miller. Its so sad that you don’t write anymore, but as someone who tries to write, its completely understandable to find the time to write. Its hard. Specially this type of writing. Its intense. Miller is just, something else.
    So I hope to see all your stories including the ones with Luke Guldan. FYI, LG is seemingly making a comeback into the fitness scene. So maybe that gets you fired up.

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