The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

One element that I find missing in the broad spectrum of homoerotic wrestling content is a tournament. Rock Hard Wrestling took a stab at some mini-tourney action with their King of the Ring series. I wasn’t following RHW closely at the time, but it seemed more a king-of-the-hill scenario than an elimination tournament, though. Naked Kombat did a treatment of an elimination tournament in their Summer Smackdown Tournament a few years ago when I was following them closely, but as I remember, they seemed to lose the thread (like, somehow a singles competition turned into a tag team championship match?). My impression is that the way independent homoerotic wrestling is produced makes a through-story, like an elimination tournament, tough to coordinate. But still, I always think the thrill of a championship belt and the inherent character motivation of a tournament would make typical homoerotic wrestling fare that much more compelling.

So I’m admittedly borrowing liberally from others on social media who have posed “who wins?” pairings for voters, as well as past reader polls here on this blog, to construct my own homoerotic wrestling battle to the best. The theme for this series is the classics, speculatively pitting wrestlers who made it big 15-20 years ago against one another in head to head, no holds barred battles. I’m picturing these matches in the ring, no refs, with the winner determined by knockout or ultimate submission (a final concession when the loser can’t continue, or can’t face the humiliation of continuing).  So pins are great, and all, but not explicitly the point.  In the spirit of most of the homoerotic wrestling industry, no other rules really matter, but unlike a lot of homoerotic wrestling, winning does matter.

So here’s my first pairing of classic competitors who, as far as I know, never faced one another.

On left, classic Can-Am superstar Paul Perris (5’10”, 185 pounds) vs. on the right, BG East fan favorite Mike Columbo (5’7″, 175 pounds).

Which classic young muscle stud emerges victorious? Vote here, and comment below how you see this match up unfolding.

3 thoughts on “The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

  1. Cool idea. And I have to completely agree on the tournament concept. They still do it on Japan for wrestling but during multiple days. UFC was like that back in the early days. A one day tournament. It was insane.

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