The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

Holy hell, Mike Columbo is on a roll! Mike’s second victory in voting was a total blowout. It’s the wrestling equivalent of an unmitigated squash, with handsome hunk Sebastien barely laying a hand on him. I love Alex’ description of the action, featuring Sebastien flexing and posing (“like all Thunders guys love to do,” Alex explains). No nonsense Mike interrupts to lock down one in a long, brutal, debilitating series of bearhugs. He throws him to the mat and boot stomps the living shit out of him, finally squatting low in a camel clutch and flexing a big, bulging bicep around Sebastien’s neck in a sleeper. Sebastien taps out in panic, but Mike knocks him out cold anyway (thanks for that, Alex!).

Alex also speculated that Mike may be unbeatable against any opponent outside of BGE, so let’s see if we can give Mike a more competitive challenge with some intramural action. Mike appeared on the same titles as Dom Zacarro, but as far as I can tell, never faced the Italian Dominator one–on-one. Dom is a full 45 pounds heavier and 5 inches taller than Mike, which will certainly count for something in the ring, with no rules and no ref. The muscleman who makes it to the next match will be the one to beat his opponent by submission or knockout. Can Mike make it three in a row?

On the left, defending champ Mike Columbo (5’7″, 175 pounds) vs. on the right, Dom “the Dominator” Zacarro (6′, 205 pounds).

Vote here, and comment below to share your take on how the victor comes out on top.

One thought on “The Battle to Be the Best: Classics

  1. I just voted and it’s tie, a draw. Mike doesn’t believe in draws, especially in a no rules match. Both grapplers stripped each other pretty early on, and now, after nearly an hour of incredible punishment to each other’s body, neither can stand. Mike’s balls are swollen; the Dominator did a good job on them. Dom’s Italian sausage, however, is bruised and getting a little limp.
    They’re center ring. The only way to even try to stand up is to crawl to a rope and climb. Dom tries. His nuts have been crushed, smashed, and worked over by a man who also knows his way around a nut sack. Dom grabs the low rope and drags his body closer. He rises to the middle rope and gets a smashing uppercut to his aching balls. And then Mike, knowing the uppercut landed hard, grabs hold of Dom’s balls and pulls down, yanks them hard like he’s going to pull himself up using them. His legs are wide open. Mike yanks one more time and Dom falls to his knees. He catches his chin on a rope. It throws his head back and his head lands with a thud. Mike crawls up on Dom’s muscled body and starts to dry hump him. Dom tries to roll so Mike doesn’t succeed in getting more of that champion ass.
    Mike gets off on Dom’s struggle. He tries to get his arms under Dom’s pits for a full Nelson, but he can’t. Dom gives a surprisingly strong push and Mike is off his back. But he’s up on his knees and helps Dom roll on his back. Dom’s killer cock has grown again, his balls look like shit. MIke grabs Dom’s cock.puts both hands around it, and smashes the heels of his hands into that bruised shaft. No rules means you do what it takes, and Mike, as he did earlier, takes Dom’s cock in his mouth, bites the head, bites about half way down, and then bites as hard as he can. And it’s not like he doesn’t know where Dom’s guys are. He grabs, squeezes, punches, and batters while he’s still biting. He takes Dom’s cock out of his mouth and squeezes, making the bites hurt that much more. He looks at Dom’s face. He looks like he’s beyond reacting to anything. Mike straddles Dom’s body, links his hands way over his head and smash Dom’s balls with incredible power. He hears Dom moan and then feels Dom’s cum on his cock. He wraps a hand around Dom’s cock to stop the cum and smashes his balls again. Dom’s legs start flailing and Mike can feels Dom’s torso twisting under his as. He lets go of Dom’s cock and the cum rages out of the hurting monster like a dam break. Mike gets off Dom’s body. He knows what it’s like to inflict punishment after the other guy has cum and he whacks Dom’s balls a couple of times. Dom doesn’t move.
    Mike never really wanted to fuck Dom…he just wanted show who the real Dominator was…and to score big with his BGE boss. He straddled Dom again, but this time pointing toward Dom’s chest. He started tugging on his hurting cock, enjoying how his balls and smashed around cock felt. It didn’t take long before Mike unleashed what seemed like a gallon of cum over Dom’s face and chest. He kept jerking off and a second wave shot out. He got off Dom, smacked his balls one more time, and then on his knees, made his way to the corner, lowered himself off the apron, and happily, if painfully, walked back to the showers.

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