Name that Ass

One of my favorite little gimmicks in my 10 years of blogging about homoerotic wrestling was Name that Ass. It was modeled on the very old game show Name that Tune, where contestants endeavored to recognize a popular song with just few, isolated notes. In my homoerotic wrestling version, I challenged readers to identify a wrestling hunk with just an isolated, up close image of his hot ass. I strongly suspect it was significantly more pleasurable for me to curate the images than it was for readers to decipher them. But honestly, this blog is about me, so I’m dusting off the guessing game. I’ve offered a variety of prizes for winners in the past. The first to identify all of the beautiful butts from straight up pro wrestling below can choose the theme of an upcoming blog post or fantasy match, if you’d like. I suspect some of these asses will be easy (so to speak), while others will be considerably more of a challenge. Post your answers in the comments below. Good luck!

Ass #1:




Ass #2


Ass #3



Ass #4


7 thoughts on “Name that Ass

  1. My favorites Finn Balor #1 and Clark Connors #2!!! Can’t put a name on #3 or #4 but I’m eager to find out!

    Welcome back Bard!

  2. Hey there!! Long time fan!! Saw a post on twitter about Kayden K as a jobber or a heel. Would love to read your thoughts and your favourite jobber/heel moments from Kayden 😊

    1. Great to see your comment, Jake! My quick answer is that I think Kayden is a little wasted jobbing. His cool, cold hearted brutality is really his lane. His early career matches getting bullied make a little more sense, but I strongly prefer his heel matches, like with Leo Tomassi, Luke Reel, and Carter Alexander. I’ll have to work on a full blog post, to really dig down into the specifics. Whats your take on the subject, Jake?

      1. I really like him in more competitive matches. Plus I feel like he’s kinda had his way with all the jobbers on the roster. I really enjoyed his match with Brendan Byers as it was so back and forth it could have gone either way. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that match, I’m pretty sure it was voted sexiest match 2019. Really enjoy your takes x

  3. Bard,,hoping for more of your fight matchups with your readers able to vote…..Do you have the win-loss record for your fighters!!

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