Who Wore It Best?

Alex Miller suggested I resurrect the Who Wore It Best polls with a new twist: who wore the hold best. Alex is a mensch for tossing this awesome idea my way. I love it. A lot. I’m feeling high confidence this is going to be a recurring thing.

To start with, I’m dialing up Jesse Zane’s crotch pillow stump puller. Jesse loves to rip an opponent open wide and expose his vulnerable ass. I was torn as to whether to go with Jesse’s spladle, which has the same effect on the  And opponent, but there’s something extra intimate about a lucky punk’s head getting ground into Jesse’s crotch. He helps to have a sensational ass, big balls, thick thighs, and a lot of flexibility. The half a dozen hunks I found pics for in this hold sell it beautifully. But the question, my friends, is who wore it best?

Check out the contenders, and then vote below, and comment with your reasons. And make sure to check out The Cave and drop some good comments Alex’ way, to let him know what a great job he does!

zane hunterCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #1: Blake Hunter.


zane reignCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #2: Taylor Reign


zane razzoCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #3: Danny Razzo


zane danteCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #4: Dante


zane tigerCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #5: Tiger


zane lopezCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #6: Ivan Lopez


zane jj allenCrotch Pillow Stump Puller #7: JJ Allen

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