Alone Together

Several years ago, I entered into informal negotiations with one of my wrestling crushes for him to make me a custom video. He was raising money for a special cause that I was supportive of, so it seemed like a win-win. Suddenly, though, I was faced with the question of what to ask for in the video. As is obvious to anyone who reads this blog, my interest is in the wrestling, so what would a “solo” custom video look like that scratched that same itch? The wrestler in question told me to not be shy, ask him for anything. So I finally asked him for a custom video of him, changing in and out of different wrestling gear, and providing vivid commentary on how he defeated his last opponent. I asked for swagger, cockiness, narrating how he put his opponent in his place and made him beg. Unfortunately, I never actually received that custom video. The wrestler told me that it must have been lost in the mail. I was disappointed and felt a little burned, but honestly, it was a cause I was happy to financially support, and I chose not to let my disappointment muddy the intense pleasure I get from crushing on him.

In the most recent BG East catalog, they released a reboot edition of their classic seriesMuscle Showcase.” I don’t think they’ve released a muscle showcase in the entire 12 years that I’ve been blogging, so this is a serious reboot. And I am seriously thrilled by it, for many of the same reasons I was looking forward to that custom video that I just mentioned. It’s a solo product, which is a little ironic for a wrestling company. But it’s Van Skyler, voted 2019 Best Body, who is one of the most attractive men on the planet, as far as I’m concerned, so I’d pay to watch him vacuum if it was an option (bonus if he’s vacuuming my place, and double bonus if he’s naked).

The first half of Van’s Muscle Showcase is all about muscle worship, and, true enough, I’m ready for exactly that. Fuck. His. Body! He’s leaner than he was in his early days with BG East, and truth be told, I like him a little more filled out, but sweet-fucking-god, when he rolls out of bed naked, I’m there for it. He’s got a huge mirror waiting for him as he climbs out of bed, so that the first thing he sees his phenomenal, naked body every morning. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not narcissism, that’s just objectively good taste. He starts flexing his muscles, stroking his body, clearly pleased by what he sees staring back at him. Again, I get it, and I’m there for every single second.

The muscle worship scenario continues when Van puts on workout clothes (boo!) and strolls down to the gym in his condo building for a workout. He’s by himself, so he sheds items of clothing between sets (yay!) until he’s once again studying his stunning body in a mirror, flexing only in a leather jock strap (of his Dark Knights 14 fame), and simply as gorgeous as fuck. If this weren’t a solo muscle showcase, I’d expect another condo resident to stumble in on the scene, be instantly and ravenously turned on, and muscle worship and fucking to commence. But that would probably be more a pedestrian gay porn scenario than a wrestling kink vid.

Here’s where things get serious, though. Van retires to a private workout room. It looks like the same space where most of the Montreal matches are recorded (see Dark Knights 14, Matmen 27, Masked Mayhem 27, and Undagear 26 and 29 for reference, to see if you think I’m right). And now, Van starts talking to you and me. “So, you guys know me as Van Skyler,” he says, flexing in our faces. “But now I think it’s time for a change. Now it’s time for me to become a little more dominant. I think it’s time for you guys to meet Master Skyler.” He strokes his rock hard glutes and tugs excitedly at his growing pouch in that leather jock strap. “No one at BG has a body like this, with these rock hard fucking biceps, these washboard abs, these solid legs like tree trunks.” He slaps his huge, hairy, bulging quads. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” he says. It’s not a question. He’s just stating facts.  “These boulder shoulders,” Van says, literally groaning with pleasure as he flexes and feels his muscled magnificence, knowing exactly what it’s doing to us. “Now let me tell you what I’m going to do to you.”

Van proceeds to demonstrate how he’s prepared to make use of his divine physique to complete our wrestling fantasies. “I’ll put your head right here, right next to this bicep, and squeeze the eyes out of your head.” He flexes his mountainous, veiny bicep right in the camera, so it’s the only thing we can see. “Yeah, I know you like that,” he says, again, not a question. “I’m going to make you beg!”

“I’m going to put your head between these legs and squeeze!” He lingers long on the word squeeze, as he grunts with the effort of flexing his quads. The camera gets up nice and close, so that we see what Van sees, looking down the length of his muscled torso, across that big, leather bulge, down the length of his legs, all the way to his ankles locked together to bear down on our skulls. “Yeah, you’re going to beg, and you’re going to tap, and I’m just going to keep squeezing until you fucking pass out.”

Honestly, the first time I watched this, I got off right then and there. Like, fu-u-u-uck, this is the sexiest solo session. Ever. But imagine my pleasure to discover it gets even better. “When you’re passed out, I’m going to get right on top of your head, pin you down, and you’re going to wake up, and you’ll like seeing this cock in your face, won’t you?” Uh, fuck yes, Master Skyler. The camera is on the mat, staring up at what we’ll see. He grinds his hips, shoving his cock into the camera.

He pulls his cock out of his pouch and slaps it down. Fuck, every magnificent inch of this man is superhuman! “I’m going to put it in your mouth,” he groans, slapping his swelling cock harder. “You like that big fucking cock, don’t you? You like me slapping it in your face.” Again, all statements of objective fact. No need to confirm the obvious truth. “Look at me,” he demands, as if I could tear my eyes away. “I’m going to blow my fucking load pounding you,” he says, alternating between punching the mat and slapping his massive erection. It’s clearly not just our fantasy, because Van shoots a jet of cum, and then grinds his cock into the cum-soaked mat.

I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, but: F-U-U-U-UCK! I am officially going on record as living in desperate hope of plenty more Muscle Showcases like this to come/cum. I’m sure it takes some charisma, some legitimate confidence to carry an entire solo performance like this without an ounce of self-consciousness, but I’m also certain that Van can’t be the only gorgeous hunk of wrestler who could pull it off.

And I’m going on the record as fully and entirely on board with the Van Skyler heel turn. I wasn’t sure I was sold, back in Masked Mayhem 17, because Van is just so ridiculously beautiful. Those lush lips, those bedroom eyes, he’s such a babyface coverboy. But Master Skyler just strolled in and slapped that babyface muscleboy to the curb! Seriously, I’m buying anything this muscled beast is selling. More Master Dark Skyler! More muscle showcases! More wrestling fantasies!

And just for the record, if that lovely hunk who agreed to cut a custom video ever wants to settle his karmic tab, just let me know. Either way, I’m still your number one fan.

One thought on “Alone Together

  1. I’m sorry that you never received that video! As for the content of it, and Van’s video, it’s voyeurism at the highest level. Other wrestling matches, they’re kind of in on the joke – and sometimes breaking that “fourth wall”. Here they’re openly acknowledging it. As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”

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