Just the Beginning

I love that moment when everything is possible, when there’s nothing but that intoxicating mix of potential and anticipation. Before wrestlers have spoken a word to each other, much less laid a hand on each other, there’s that moment when they’re checking each other out. They’re weighing their chances, perhaps picturing how they hope the match will play out, irresistibly considering the potential peril that lies ahead for them. For that brief moment, there are two stories being written, documenting the path to victory for both ambitious hunks. No one knows yet which story will be willed into existence. They can’t help but size each other up, comparing physiques, and gauging aptitude for speed and strength. Perhaps they can’t help but savor the anticipation of the taste of victory, taking a shot of adrenaline from just imagining controlling this opponent, taking possession of his body, doing absolutely whatever he wants if he beats this muscled adversary into submission.

Beginnings can be sexy. I hope for all of that and more for homoerotic wrestling fans at this dawn of a new year.

Cody Blayde sizes up Ethan Axel Andrews in Ringwars 33
Chace LaChance likes his chances against Zach Reno to start Ringwars 34
Ace Aarons pictures what he’ll do once he’s won the prize of Carson Crawford’s body in Sexy Showdown 11
Private Atwell is excited to see what Sarge has in mind for their private training session in Wrestleshack 26
Brad Barnes wonders how much punishment Kip Sorell is about to subject him to with his gorgeously muscled legs in Science of Scissors 2
Big, bad boys Toney Rico and Kayden Keller muse over who’s bigger, and who’s badder at the start of Demolition 30: Sexy Destruction
Austin Cooper and Damien Rush are both absolutely certain they’re about to make each other their bitch in Forced to Flex 3
Cai Li likes his chances against notorious underachiever Kenny Starr at the start of Backyard Brawls 13

One thought on “Just the Beginning

  1. Probably my favorite part of the match. Love it when a legion of possibilities are still on the table. The muscle dudes are still showing off. The jobber isn’t yet exposed. The heel and the face are taking measure of each other and building a chain of moves in their heads. Anyone could still come out on top, I love it and well said!

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