A Taste of Something New

I’m late to the game when it comes to HunkWrestling.com. Last summer, as I was picking up with posts again, HW offered to send me a couple of their matches for reviews. Right around the time that I received them, work began to swallow all of my free time again. So here’s my first, long-overdue review of a HunkWrestling.com match.

Dark Jr. can’t take his eyes off of his opponent

The boys at HW tell me that the Arturo vs. Dark Jr. match is one of their top 3 best sellers, and I can easily see why that would be the case. First of all, both wrestlers are sexy as fuck. Bearded beauty Dark Jr. has this Colin Farrell thing going on. So damn pretty with sweet, round pecs. As the two wrestlers are warming up before the match, the camera catches Dark Jr. stealing quick glances over at his opponent, looking… nervous? Impressed? Hungry? Hard to say.

I can’t take my eyes off of Arturo, either

Arturo is simply stunning. He’s at least 4 or 5 inches taller than Dark. His shaved head and handsome face look all business. That bod of his, though. Damn! Total beefcake. Thickly muscled. Gorgeous, muscled, round glutes perched atop thick, hairy legs.

Test of strength, comparison of muscled asses

Honestly, I don’t have a baseline to compare with, so I didn’t know that to expect out of this match. This is a continuous 15 minutes of taping, with no breaks, so there’s a very live and spontaneous vibe about it. The first 2 minutes or so are warm-up, so you’re getting about 13 minutes of wrestling. However, with not cuts, we’re seeing probably no more than 10 minutes of actual grappling. On the one hand, this seems like a formula for disappointment, but it turns out, I love every minute of it, including (especially?) the sweat-soaked, gasping moments between falls when both hunks are trying to recharge from total exhaustion.

These hunks work their spectacular asses off!

It’s hard fought, serious-as-fuck grappling for the most part. Sure, they’re all smiles before they first lock up, but from there on out, it’s scrambling strength and speed as they work up bucket loads of sweat to control each other’s bodies. Dark Jr. repeatedly initiates, but over and over again, it’s Arturo who successfully counters, coming out on top and ready to take his pick of punishing holds to clamp down on the bearded beauty. The size difference is everything. Arturo muscles the boy around until he’s on top of him, and Dark Jr. keeps wearing himself out just trying to avoid getting crushed. Arturo gets the first tap out about a minute and a half in. And they both roll to their backs huffing like steam engines, sweat glistening, working on recovering from what was quite clearly an all out effort from them both.

Dark Jr. wants it; Arturo wants to give it to him

So I’m thinking this is going to be a straightforward shoot match, right up until they’re on their knees, about to start the second fall, and Dark Jr. asks Arturo to flex for him. Oh, fuck, yes. The big muscle man proudly pumps his double bicep, and it brings a delicious smile to Dark Jr.’s face. The bearded beauty initiates the action again with a sudden, playful punch to his opponent’s gut, but there’s no denying that Dark Jr. is impressed and hungry, and maybe just a little nervous.

Dark Jr. cannot handle this much muscleman on top of him

It’s Dark Jr. who keeps initiating offense, and I love that about him. As the action unfolds, it’s obvious he has every reason to be nervous. He’s getting outclassed and out-maneuvered at every point, but the randy little fucker cannot wait to do his damn best to tackle the hot muscle hunk who’s willing to put his muscles on display for him. But he goes down even faster in fall 2 than he did in the first fall. Arturo wraps him up in a small package and rolls him to his back, pinning his shoulders, just bearing down on him with all of that gorgeous muscle mass, until Dark Jr. taps out again.

Arturo climbs into the saddle

Then things get really interesting. While Dark Jr. is flat on his back, exhausted, Arturo rests his hand on the boy’s chest, feeling his pounding heartbeat for a few seconds. It’s intimate and the sexual tension suddenly spikes. I know it’s not just the sexual tension in my crotch spiking, because Arturo then slowly climbs on top of him and saddles into a schoolboy pin. He flexes his huge biceps, staring down at his helpless opponent, both of them knowing that Dark Jr. wants this, literally asked for it. Then Arturo slides forward, sandwiching Dark’s mouth way, way up his crotch. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on down there once Arturo leans forward, pinning the back of his opponent’s hands to floor. But Dark Jr. is not fighting this. He’s rubbing his face from side to side into the big, beautiful bulge resting on his chin. Then, slowly, Arturo reaches behind him and grabs Dark Jr.’s crotch, making him wince. But it’s an appreciative grab more than punishing. He massages him in hand. He strokes a hand up the sweaty side of Dark’s torso. Sweat is literally pouring off of Arturo’s nose as he leans over top of him, both of them breathing heavily long after recovering from the exertion of the fight.

Get in there nice and tight

It’s catch and release, and Arturo pretty much owns this boy at will. The one brief moment when it looks like Dark Jr. just might work up to a little upset is when Arturo is in his guard, and Dark Jr. snaps his hairy thighs tightly around the muscle hunk’s hips. He locks his ankles together right behind Arturo’s tailbone and suddenly squeezes. Arturo is right in the middle of trying to snag another controlling headlock, when he reverses course in an instant. He rears back, immediately trying to pry the punishing thighs apart. It’s a fucking bear trap, and his scissors do pretty much the only serious damage that Dark Jr. can seem to muster. Until all of that pouring sweat lubricates their bodies just too much, and Arturo slides out, leaving Dark Jr. wanting more.

Dark Jr. almost tames the beast

Before I talk about the end of the match, I have to mention the unexplained and somehow supercharge of the erotic feature of the silhouetted hunk watching from across the room. Who in the fuck is this guy, and where do I apply to take his job from him!?! He’s in bike shorts and nothing else. He can’t take his eyes off of the action, including those delicious, tense moment when Arturo climbs on top after a fall and demonstrates the possession he’s earned over his outmatched opponent. The voyeur’s face is shadowed by the bare window directly behind him, but you can see him smile brightly at moments. He likes what he’s seeing. Fuck me, I want to interview THAT guy!

I want to be THAT guy!!!

Okay, so let me wrap up on the formal review. Like I said, we’re talking about probably no more than about 10 minutes of actual grappling, so I’m describing a whole lot of it. But I can’t leave without appreciating the final fall. Dark Jr. keeps fucking initiating, and I’m eventually convinced he just seriously wants to grab hold of his opponent’s gorgeous muscles as soon as physically possible. He stops Arturo in his tracks again with those crushing scissors. Fuck, if he could just deploy those more strategically, I think he’d have a chance of taking a fall here or there against this muscle man. But rather than milk the pain of the bodyscissors, he tries to slide Arturo into face-to-crotch headscissors. It’s a gamble that doesn’t pay off, as the big man slips his sweat-lubricated, shaved head free and quickly spins on top of the boy. Suddenly, he snaps his huge (fucking HUGE), hairy thighs around Dark’s head and squeezes, pulling his trapped opponent’s face way up high between this upper thighs, forcing (?) Dark Jr. to stare up at that truly glorious ass. I’m pretty sure Dark Jr. like what he sees, but he can’t take the pressure crushing his skull for more than 2 seconds before tapping out on that meaty, muscled ass cheek.

If you’re going to lose, what a way to go!

Artutro takes a few seconds to catch his breath, again, sweat literally pouring off him as he stares down at his vanquished opponent. Then he takes his prize, climbing on top and planting that magnificent, muscled ass on Dark’s face. He leans forward, stretching out on top of him, massaging Dark’s Jr.’s crotch. Arturo’s face hovers inches from the loser’s crotch being manhandled firmly, but appreciatively, in his hands.

To the victor go the spoils

You can get this video from HunkWrestling.com for 9.99 Euros, which at today’s conversion rate, looks like about $12.25 American. You’ve got to love this genre. This isn’t pro wrestling. It’s just all out grappling between two g-g-gorgeous hunks, with what has every appearance to be genuine, spontaneous muscle worship and erotic pleasure as the victor’s prize. I’d love to see both of these gorgeous men in action again, but seriously, someone please get me in touch with the silent, studying, happy voyeur who was watching all 15 minutes of this pairing with such pleasure!

The best seats in the house!

5 thoughts on “A Taste of Something New

  1. I love that much, not many wrestling websites film competitive matches nowadays, love to see two hunks sweated trying to submit each other with that piece of erotism and humiliation like this match.

    Btw the guy of the background is Steve Mason, I think he was the next victim of Arturo. He is featured in many vids of hunks, you can find him in IG or Facebook in case you want to contact him. He and DarkJR are my favs.

      1. you are welcome! but ihe s not the one of bgeast, there is other one that did some vids with UCW too, that one is spaniard.

      2. Yep, I know who you’re talking about. He stars in the other match HunkWrestling sent me a few months ago, which I will be reviewing soon.

  2. Since “Brad Rochelle vs Doug Warren”, this match is the “old versus young” most highly competitive and erotic match I’ve ever seen.

    Arturo is a real bronco. It will be a pleasure watching him breaking in tears more muscular younger male opponents. The power of his legs and butt are from a mature powerful guy.

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