Just as Best

Since “awards season” goes for months into the new year, I feel like it’s not too late to poll gay wrestling fans for a few of those “best” categories that BG East doesn’t award. We got to laud Rocky Sparks dazzling abs, Ty Alexander’s grabbable ass, Kirk Donahue’s notable bulge, and Alexi Adamov’s entire body. But what about the BG East wrestler with the best legs? Which stunning stud had the best pecs? What about best arms and best back? These magnificently sexy men craft every lovely inch of their bodies, and it seems a shame to me to not adore every part of them in exquisite, possibly even tedious, detail. We were enfranchised to award Jake Jenkins as Top Babyface again, Kayden Keller as Top Heel once again, and Rocky Sparks as Top Jobber for the first time in his career. But what about (and I admit, I may be threading the needle here on this one) the wrestler with the prettiest face (regardless of whether he’s a babyface/heel)? And this is definitely not the first time I’m lingering long and hard on wrestlers with the sexiest nipples, in particular.

Just to dot all my i’s and cross all my t’s, this poll is, in no way shape, or form, sanctioned by BG East. I have not been paid or in any other way compensated by any of the slate of nominees that I’m putting forward for your consideration, except for that time that Kayden Keller took my compliments about his legs and flexed his dizzingly hot quads at me as positive reinforcement. I consulted absolutely no one but my own tastes and preferences, and I’m sure I’ve mistakenly missed plenty of deserving contenders, and probably an army more of those I wouldn’t have picked, but many of you would have. It’s all in good fun. I absolutely lovingly adore and worship every single one of these hot bodied hunks… except for one of them who I actually, genuinely can’t stand to watch in the ring, but I have to admit he meets the criteria for the question at hand. There’s always an outside chance that the powers that be (aka, The Boss) at BG East could be irritated by my presumption and ask me to kill this entire post, which I’d do instantly, because I adore him and his genius, and I’m more than a little terrified of him at the same time. Vote if you’d like. Comment to lobby for your pick or to complain about my choices.

Best Legs

Kayden Keller
Austin Cooper
Brad Barnes
Calvin Haynes
Chace LaChance

Best Pecs

Devil Devitt
Brad Barnes
Kenny Starr
Lon Dumont
Marc Merino

Best Arms

Dev Michaels
Brad Barnes
Cole Cassidy
Calvin Haynes
Devil Devitt

Best Back

Dev Michaels (left)
Brute Baynard (left)
Kip Sorell (on top… for a change)
Austin Cooper
Van Skyler

Best Ink

Braden Charron
Ace Aarons
Elite Eliot (left)
Zip Zarella
Ash DeLeon (right)

Prettiest Face

Richie Douglas
Jax Atwell
Cai Li
Kip Sorell
Nino Leone

 Sexiest Nipples

Mason Brooks
Chase Addams
Dev Michaels
Jason Anders


2 thoughts on “Just as Best

  1. great categories and hot wrestlers. I guess my choices would be these
    best legs: Calvin haynes
    best pecs: Brad barnes
    best arms: Dev michaels
    best back: Dev michaels
    best ink: Ash DeLeon
    prettiest face: Kip sorell
    best nipples: Chase Addams (my personal pick would be Toney Rico)

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