4 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms – 1(1) pg 8

  1. The backstory their comments suggest is intriguing. I find the stolid coach/referee observing unemotionally somewhat off putting. I’d rather have them alone but worrying they may suddenly be observed.
    Their relative innocence and deep concern for each other only makes the thought of both being overwhelmed by a mutual passion passion that much more powerful.

    1. Great take, Cverrastro! Having Fedor watch their “audition” is intended to add performance pressure and highlight how the passion is spinning out of control. The taste of innocence and mutual regard, mixed with overwhelming and unexpected passion is exactly what I was going for there, though.

      1. Mind you, after their puppyish lovemaking I wouldn’t mind the stern coach joining in a threeway to teach the newbies how’s it’s done with hardcore experience.
        Then have them turn on him and double team him in wrestling, and then enjoy a victory session where they take the lead in pleasuring their “conquest” with their newly taught skills.

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