Masked Rookies

Just in the interest of bookkeeping, I wanted to point out that the second chapter of Brothers in Arms (the original text version of the homoerotic wrestling story) is now up and live at the new Sidelineland Stories archive. Check it out there if you’re interested, and let me know what you think by commenting here. I’m working on a graphic adaptation of a different story, also live in the new archives, but my plan is to do a graphic adaptation of BiA chapter 2 in the future.

For a new take on an old theme here on the blog, I thought I’d provide some comments on a relatively recent homoerotic wrestling match that turned my crank. I wrote the BG East marketing description for this match. I’ve managed to remain part of the BGE production family by getting early access to upcoming matches that they send me, and, in return, writing the copy that they use on their website. As part of the release of Catalog 158, I had the honor and immense pleasure of getting first eyes on Masked Mayhem 20, and the super tasty treats of Andy Body and Vampiro Blanco, the white vampire.

My text for the BGE website is not hyperbole. Fuck, this match, and these two wrestlers, turned me on soooooo much! I’ve been snapping up all of Andy Body’s matches to write the marketing for over the past year or so, because I’m so, so into this hunk. He has yet to be unmasked, and that element of mystery, especially for a rookie, vigorously spanks my lucha libre infatuation. His opponents, thus far, have had a hard time prying their eyes away from his thick, juicy pecs, which I totally get. But fuck, his lush, thick thighs and grabbable ass are what send me. He’s no jobber, but is he a heel? A masked babyface? He’s mean, but in that way that makes me think he dishes out cruelty in exact proportion to what he knows his opponents can take (and want).

Vampiro Blanco shows up to take on Andy, and damn, I’m hard pressed (and, let’s face it, just hard) to decide whose hot bod to soak up. The vampire gets unmasked, but I know how that there are BGE fans who live for the anticipation, so I won’t spoil it and tell you who he is (if you haven’t already guessed). And happily, the unmasked hunk has kept coming back for more in the past couple of months. Vampiro Blanco is sly and sadistic, sneakily crawling up the gazebo railing to surprise Andy from behind (me, next, please). The vibe off this match is that Vampiro is the heel here. He’s cruel, and he telegraphs his intentions to brutalize and humiliate the pectacular rookie, and to unmask him for all to see. He’s lightly hairy, with gorgeous, functional muscle and naturally thick and powerful thighs.

As the match unfolds, my tendency to play the mark takes over and I start rooting hard (again, seriously hard) for Andy. It’s not that I don’t like Vampiro Blanco, but there’s that babyface vibe from Andy that, 9 times out of 10, sucks me right in. When the vampire is stomping on Andy’s balls, and then sucking him into masked-face-to-crotch head scissors, I’m one of those fans crying “injustice” and urging the trapped hunk to battle back and take revenge.

Vampiro is seriously skilled and assertive, upping the alluring scent of Andy’s vulnerability. The vampire rolls Andy into a Mexican Ceiling hold (appropriately enough), monologuing like a villain. “How does that feel, Mr. Nobody? Now, let’s see the face behind that mask!” Like melted butter, Vampiro slides seamlessly from the ceiling hold into a surfboard, and then uses his free boot to massage Andy’s balls. “Seems like you’re enjoying that,” Vampiro laughs evilly, and it’s not like Andy’s deep-chested groans of pained pleasure are any contradiction.

Andy in jeopardy activates my deep, pre-adolescent babyface wrestler rescue fantasies. But I should have known Andy wouldn’t need me to step in and defend him. Just when Vampiro is leaping from the gazebo railing, Andy catches him in mid-air, cradled across his epic chest, like it’s fucking nothing at all. Mr. Body then proceeds to pound Vampiro’s back into every gazebo post, before lifting him up and pounding his abs down across Andy’s knee. You can feel the rush of breath compressed out of Vampiro’s lungs on your face on this side of the screen. And then, just to ride that heel/babyface line, Andy spanks Vampiro’s lush ass. Fuck yes, Andy! Turn those tables and claim that ass!

Again, I loved this match. I’m lapping up every match I can get my eyes on that involve either of these sensationally sexy, hot young hunks. I’m still waiting for someone to worship Andy’s Body with the passionate devotion it deserves. In the meantime, let me know if you need any back up, buddy. I’m so very much here for you!

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