New Year’s Eve

Good stuff happened for me this year, personally as well as in terms of my creative attention on homoerotic wrestling. In terms of homoerotic wrestling, I started the year thinking that this would be the year of me exploring hot, erotic wrestling in graphic format. And I did, indeed, have a lot of fun doing that. Drawing really took me back to adolescent moments when I sketched out hot muscle men in a secret notebook that I (literally) hid under my mattress as a kid. I saved those old sketches for years as a young adult, but sadly, in one move or another among a whole lot of moves in my adult life, I lost them. I’m (obviously) not a trained visual artist, but there was something sweetly satisfying about drawing my lusts again, older, wiser, and somehow every ounce just as horny as I ever was!

I did NOT plan on this year being a year of returning to writing homoerotic wrestling fiction. But sharing my drawings, as nerve racking as that was, led to connecting up with AR on Deviant Art. Honestly, when he first suggested that we collaborate on something new, with me writing and him illustrating, I groaned just a little inside. I hadn’t really written anything original and new, of my own creation, in years. I’d totally lost steam for it, and, frankly, a lot of that had to do with not getting much feedback from readers about it. Creating for my sake is meaningful, but I discovered years ago that it wasn’t enough to sustain my effort to get back on the keyboard and keep writing. So when I told AR that I was “open” to the idea, I was more than a little skeptical. But then a couple of things happened.

The first thing that happened that turned me on was seeing AR translate an image directly (I mean DIRECTLY) out of my imagination and into 3D rendered art. Holy shit! That is incredible! And his eye is just so fucking nuanced and amazing. I literally keep a shrine of AR artwork now, that I visit every. fucking. day. And it amazes and titillates me endlessly!

The other thing that happened that really sent the second half of 2022 down an entirely different path than I’d expected was getting detailed feedback on my homoerotic wrestling fiction as I’m writing it, and finding AR‘s observations and suggestions incredibly on point. Sometimes, I’ve put myself out there, and I know that there a few hundred viewers seeing a blog post or reading a story, from the page counts. But it can be fucking lonely and discouraging to hear nothing but the echoes of my own voice. I’ve sort of doubted if what I’m writing has much meaning to anyone else, but fuck that no… working with AR has been amazingly validating. I’m writing again because it’s so fucking fun. Some of what we’ve been writing is likely never to be posted or published, and I’m incredibly happy with it because I’m creating and enjoying the act of creation so much!

Not that I won’t post anything, mind you. I posted the first couple of end-products of my collaboration with AR on the new Producer’s Ring Reborn archives, which was another highlight of 2022, beginning to transfer the old library of stories form the defunct Google site platform to a new one. I’m looking forward to sharing more of what we’ve been up to with a broader audience in 2023, so watch here for announcements about new stories, new artwork, and new awesome expressions of passion for homoerotic wrestling that I share with a lot of you.

Oh, and getting comments by man-of-my-dreams Scott Williams has GOT to be the other surprise highlight of the year. Scott continues to tease me that he wants a test drive of the quads I’ve been building especially for crushing his head. Maybe 2023?

I hope 2022 was as enjoyable and creative and validating and titillating for you as it was for me! Oh, and remember to vote in the 2022 BGE fan poll. I was, once again, on the nominating committee, so send me all your hatred and resentment for the field of choices, and then get your ass back over to BGE and vote anyway, like you know want to! If you need any suggestions, just ask. I ALWAYS have opinions, as you know.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Haopp New Year, thanks, enjoy yout  scripts and pic’s, Bur still prefer the old style  Wrestling  Hard,That had it all ! Cheers, .  Austin.

  2. Hoping 2023 holds plenty of Cruel Heels doling out the punishment while helpless Jobbers suffer in prolonged agony…their pleas for mercy ignored….
    “Maybe 2023?” Oh hell, it’s ON this year, Bard…you and I will find ourselves in the same town and in the same ring if you’re ready to back up that cocky mouth of yours!

    1. Happy New Year, Scott! Your hopes have the ring of super sexy poetry. And speaking of suffering in prolonged agony, pleas for mercy ignored, I put in an extra set of squats today for you, big man. Send me your itinerary, and we’ll make 2023 the year you get to meet your biggest fan AND worst nightmare!

  3. LOL….will DEF do that. DAMN you are pushing my buttons…..but you already know that.
    Be ready to see a lot of my middle finger when you ask if I’m ready to submit!

    1. Hey Scott, that’s AWESOME to hear! Please rest assured that I’m happy to keep my thumb on our button for hours on end, lol. At some point, when you’re done giving me the middle finger salute, you’ll have to sign my autograph book, maybe on the same page where I’ve collected a few of your tears as mementos of this opportunity to meet my favorite wrestler! And when I say that you’ll have to sign the book, I mean that you will HAVE to sign it! Let’s make this happen, man of my dreams!

      1. Oh…this is DEF happening….and SOON.
        You are WAYYY too cocky Bard…..
        You’re lucky that I find your confidence, like Rochelle’s and others……VERY entertaining….

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