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I’m still combing through the results of the Best of BG East 2022 awards and marveling at this cream of the latest crop of hot wrestling. As I was sending up congratulations to the winners that I’m connected to on social media, I got an intriguing, possibly even provocative reply from Lon Dumont, asking, “When’s my Hall of Fame induction?” And I’ve been obsessed with this question ever since.

Brad Rochelle receiving the Rookie of the Year Award from previous winner, Shane McCall, at Wrestlefest 2.

Not necessarily the question of when should Lon be inducted (five years ago is the correct answer). But I’m taken by the question of celebrating the mainstays, the sensational BG East wrestlers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into showing up, stripping down, and going at it for us homoerotic wrestling fans. There isn’t a Hall of Fame, is there? I mean, I believe that at the end of Wrestlefest 2, there was “technically” an awarding of a “Lifetime Achievement” award to Doug Warren. I say “technically,” because the Boss announced it, welcomed Doug to the ring, and then locked on a kiss of death, knocking hunky Doug out cold. Kid Leopard expressed his contempt for the notion of awarding anyone else a lifetime achievement award, before he, himself had been awarded one. So, yeah… I think there’s technically the start of a Hall of Fame, that rises above the yearly awards based on new releases! Unless I’m mistaken, I think Doug is the only member of that club so far, but… yeah, I think there IS a Hall of Fame, and perhaps it IS time to celebrate some more lifetime achievements of the hunks who live on in our fondest wrestling fantasies, even though they don’t appear in new releases any longer.

In a class by himself!

Like I told Lon, I am immediately and sincerely initiating my campaign to get this train rolling now! First up, I’d like to nominate Kid Leopard. I have to agree with his bitter, withering assessment of the idea he expressed moments after he knocked Doug Warren out cold: if ANYONE deserves to be lauded for monumental, even Herculean contributions to basically building what homoerotic wrestling is today from the ground up, it’s the Boss. I still keep his matches on repeat, because, honestly, no one has ever walked that line of legitimate pro wrestling sell and dazzling, sizzling, insanely hot homoeroticism as perfectly. And his contributions to the industry in terms of recruitment, production, distribution, and championing wrestling for a gay erotic eye is simply unmatched. And, let’s face it, he’ll kick the ass of anyone else we try to nominate, until his inaugural role in the Hall of Fame is certified.

Give this man what he wants!!!

But then who? Lon, of course. Don’t even try to argue with me on this, because I will swat you down so hard you’ll wake up just in time for the voting for the 2023 BG East Besties. But when we think of the wrestlers who stuck with BG East, who put in the sweat-equity to building this industry that fuels our fantasies, who never flinched from stripping down to next-to-nothing (or nothing) and entertaining an enthusiastic audience of guys who get off to wrestling… who should be the next class of inductees. After Kid Leopard. Let’s just all agree he’s in a class by himself.

15 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. Brad is this text going directly to you cause I’d like to email you personally and not having it posted on line

    1. You were definitely already nominated, Tiger! You’re exactly the type of classic hunk who’s continued to support homoerotic wrestling that I was thinking of!

  2. Than’s s again pal  interesting but I do prefer full Monty images. Not possible I guess. Cheers A, 

  3. Lon Dumont deserves so many kudos for his brazen nastiness. I return to his match with Nate Walsh repeatedly. He is one of the most creative heels. He puts Flash LaCash to shame.

  4. Well, not saying they should be the first inductees because I know there’s a whole group before them, but my BGE Hall of Fame would include (in alphabetical order): BBW, Mike Columbo, Wade Cutler, Jose, Justin Pierce, Brad Rochelle, and Mikey Vee.

    I’m sure I’ll remember someone else and regret not including him, but that’s who came to mind right away. Eventually, I expect that guys like Aryx and Jonny would make it, but they’re still active.

      1. The absolute best jobber Bgeast ever had in my opinion. His cute ass would always pop out of his trunks and he was not afraid to go nude unlike the other greats from his gen like Joshua Goodman and Brad Rochelle. I think he might have actually been gay or bi as well which is a huge plus as many of the Bgeast stars back then, weren’t.

    1. Kieran had such a magnetic vibe…especially, in his fan fantasy match when he gets put to sleep. He was such a sweet cowboy.

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