NYC WrestleFest

Scooter contacted me on social media and asked if I’d pass along a PSA for NYC Wrestlefest organized on Meetfighters and a meet-up social opportunity for wrestlers and fans being organized by Scooter. His social media blitz on Instagram is cracking me up, and the idea of wrestlers all descending on Manhattan and doing what private wrestlers do best in a concentrated locale and time is super hot! From what Scooter has shared, NYC Wrestlefest 2023 is happening February 19-23, and Scooter is helping organize an informal meet and greet at the Eagle for Sunday, February 19, with wrestlers and fans welcome to drop in between 5-10 pm.

This hasn’t been on my calendar, and sadly I’m not able to get there. This sounds like an incredibly fun idea, though (both NYC Wrestlefest and the social meet-up for wrestlers and fans), so I hope someone (or many someones) share photos and first-hand accounts. All of this also raises for me some questions about MeetFighters that I feel certain I’m going to get answered by posting them here. So, here goes…

Inspired by a new friend, I went to sign-up for a Meetfighters account a little while back. I don’t know how often I’ll actually be able to connect and wrestle at this point in my career in my day job, but I’m intrigued to find more opportunities to enjoy homoerotic wrestling. But I couldn’t figure out quite what was expected of me as a new account on MF. Specifically, my attempts to post a profile pic were rejected, with an explanation that there were parameters that had to be met, but the link to explain those parameters didn’t explain them in a way that I could figure out.

So, here are a couple of questions. Should I try again to sign up for an account? If I do, what are the parameters for a profile pic, and how much about my personal life do I need to disclose? That’s three questions, I think. In any case, pulling the plug on Twitter and reinvesting my social media attention on Instagram has suddenly had me interacting with a lot of guys on MeetFighters, which has been fun. It sounds like NYC Wrestlefest is a brainchild sparked there on MF, so that alone makes me think it might be a cool way to connect. And, if you participate in NYC Wrestlefest, let me know how it goes, and if I should try to get it on my calendar for next year.

3 thoughts on “NYC WrestleFest

  1. I’ve always dreamed of this type of event but on a cruise ship. Get the guys from BG, Wrestler4Hire and UCW and all the other companies. Matches galore.

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