What Turned Me Gay (again, not really)

Andrew Stevens turned me gay. There was a period of time during which I was OBSESSED with him. He appeared in a few movies (lot’s of pics from “Body Chemistry 3” via capped), but during the 80’s he was all over television. I fondly remember the very brief run of Emerald Point, but perhaps Dallas was Andrew’s biggest exposure. Frequently shirtless, his tight, smooth bod triggered deep lust within this little gay boy’s heart (and crotch).

From Hotel to Murder She Wrote, Andrew walked on shows throughout the 80’s. And he was always the sexy, devilish studpuppy poured into his skin tight jeans. At 5’10, with nice, shapely pecs and thick shoulders, he was my idea of perfection for at least a while in my youth. Discovering that Andrew was a guest star on a show was an instant thrill. If I had some privacy, I’d settle in close to the TV, salivating, making my own jeans grow tighter in anticipation.
He was married to Kate Jackson ever so briefly in the late 70’s. I can’t imagine what could make someone divorce a young, gorgeous, well-muscled (especially for the 80’s) boytoy like Andrew. Capped’s captures from Body Chemistry III offer some fantastic looks at Andrew’s cum-face. If I had the chance to see that orgasmic look of ecstasy in bed with me, I’d chain him up and never let him go.
Now that image could turn any young boy gay!