Friday Fashion


Mikey Vee wore it best.

There were a total of 102 votes in last week’s Friday Fashion poll, with hunky beefcake Mikey Vee edging out classic favorite Shane McCall by a 42% to 38% margin.  Defiled man of steel, Ken Decker, trailed with just 20%, but I say they all looked stunning in those rainbow trunks. However, Friday Fashion is mostly about what you think, and you (collectively) voted Mikey Vee as the one who wore it best.  With Mikey’s granite carved glutes, seriously, what doesn’t he wear the fucking hell out of!?

Mikey makes art.

Today’s Friday Fashion poll pits two hot hunks who both wear a distinctive pair of white trunks with a baby blue geometric stripes that, I think, accentuate all the right bulges.  Your first option is a one-hit wonder who was apparently so brutalized and beleaguered by BG East classic villain Cruze that he never set foot in the ring again.  Achingly beautiful babyface Brad Foster looks like he could melt in your mouth, he’s just that sweet.  Talk about a boy next door turns homoerotic pro wrestler!  But wait!  Boy next door?  Sweet enough to melt in your mouth? Achingly beautiful babyface?  Aren’t those the exact words necessary to sum up 2-time homoerotic wrestler of the month Denny Cartier!?  And aren’t those distinctive, bulge-tastic trunks precisely the gear Denny wore in Leopard’s Lair 4, Mat Hunks 8, and Backyard Brawls 6? Damn straight they are.  There’s no denying the fact that Denny wore it more often than Brad.  The question is, who wore it best?  Check out your options and vote below.


One-hit wonder Brad Foster made a big impression in those white trunks with blue stripes, facing off against brutal Cruze in BG East’s Ringwars 2.
Denny Cartier is smolderingly sexy in the same pair of trunks, appearing in BG East’s Leopard’s Lair 4, Mat Hunks 8, and Backyard Brawls 6.