A Perfectly Good Shirt

Generally, I’m up for most things. At least I’m willing to give most things a try. It’s not that I find everything erotic… but I’ve got an active imagination and a perpetual-motion-machine for a libido. That said, clearly there’s a fetish market out there that, at first glance, you might think I’d be totally into. Yet when it comes to shirt ripping (or other clothes shredding), I must say, it doesn’t do much for me.

Still, everyone’s doing it (even in slow motion!), so somebody must be getting into it. People are paying money to see All American boys and Vista boys and Musclehunk boys and Flex-Studio boys (hey, I think that boy got his ass beat by Mitch Colby!) rip their wife beaters off. I’m not judging, mind you. I fully approve of seeing more skin. But some of you, I can tell, are a little orgasmic at that very point at which the fabric rips away from the muscled specimen underneath. More power to you. I just doesn’t tickle my fancy like that.
SteelMuscleGod is taking a break from observing YannS try to topple Adam400m out of top contender’s position for a crack at SMG’s divinity. He just posted another adorable clip of him in a size-too-small club shirt. His godliness does his best incredible hulk routine, flexing so hard that he busts out at the seams. Someone is fantastically titillated by that moment, and I so respect you for that. As for me, I just want to hear him snarl and watch him flex, and like Joe, I’m getting some extra value-added at the sight of SMG in his glasses.
The homoerotic wrestling boys of course get into the action, further providing evidence that there’s a market out there that I’m just not part of. They pretty much all end up yanking each other’s clothes off, but a select subgenre is clearly catering to you kinksters who want to see the clothing actually ripped as they’re stripped. Can-Am has been running their Suits to Nuts 1 series in serial format in their pay-area recently. I keep checking it out, figuring that at some point I’ll suddenly get it, but the shredded clothes just don’t do it for me. In fact, they get in the way of the hot bodies a bit for my taste. I do appreciate the use of a ripped sleeve to savagely choke out your opponent. But that’s just about foreign objects to me, not the clothes themselves.
So it’s not my kink. Still, it tells a nice story, and I can completely understand how it might be your kink. I may not necessarily buy it for myself, but I’ll damned well defend your right to buy it for you!