Au Natural

Here’s something I haven’t really thought a lot about until now. Furry butts.

I’ve met plenty of furry butts, mind you. I’ve appreciated all the furry butts I’ve met. But when I turn to the professional displayers of bare butts in my porn, I’m hard pressed to think of even one of them with some natural fuzz left on their cheeks.
British actor Danny Young is proudly showing off his hirsute hind-end and the rest of his hot little body in the UK gay rag, Attitude. I know not all men are blessed with attractively distributed body hair, and seriously, that’s just fine with me. But the standard that asses should be smooth as… well, babies’ bottoms is unfortunate, I think. When they are, that’s great. When they aren’t, that should be great as well.
Sweet, sweet Danny illustrates the abundant joys of hot, well-groomed body hair all over. Like Squarehippies, I do love darkly hairy forearms and a carpet from clavicle to crotch. Danny’s hairy, muscled torso pictured ready for a fight in the ring is fantastically erotic for every kink that tweaks me.
But back to butts… this all makes me think about an old standard from Can-Am that I own. I purchased California Muscleboy Oil Wrestling way, way back when, in no small part due to an intense attraction for curly haired Roman god, Antonio Silva. The bodies are beautiful throughout this little piece, though the wrestling seems more like a practice session in selling: little convincing action but the boys grimace and groan like they’re passing a stone. Any-hoo, Antonio appears twice in the collection, sporting a blessedly brief speedo over his astonishingly round muscle butt. Invariably and quickly, his trunks get wedgied. And clear as day we’re treated to the display of a strip of Antonio’s darkly furry behind. Thing is, most of his body, including his cheeks, have been waxed. It’s only a narrow line of abundant fur right around his crack that’s been spared, perhaps presuming that the non-naked action would never reveal where the waxing ends. It still makes me laugh and scratch my head a little. One way or the other, smooth or hairy, I’m all on board. But conspicuous and incomplete grooming looks just a little silly.
So my tastes do span a range. One doesn’t have to be a Mr. America contestant to float my boat. One certainly doesn’t need to be waxed from chin to anklebone, by any means. In fact, I think the more variety, the better. All the furry butts and smooth butts and brown butts and white butts and tight butts and bubble butts… I’m in favor of them all, proudly and generously displayed for our edification and appreciation.