Make New Friends

Thanks for “friending” me over on YouTube, Evander! I get the impression that you have more than a passing familiarity with my tastes. Indeed, the competition bodybuilder-turned-entrepreneur/muscle domination and wrestling tease seems to be a growing genre that fascinates me.

You are, indeed, a handsome hunk of a man. Your thighs alone are enough to make me push the pause button and take a long, lingering look. You are 5’7″ and 185 pounds of sweetly crafted muscle, and there’s something intensely provocative for me about a relatively short, massively muscled man with a need to dominate. And I hope you don’t mind me saying that you hang out with some fantastically hot friends. The gorgeous guy next to you in the pic above, for example, brings a smile to my face,

But it’s the long, cool drink of water here that sending me into fits. Next to you, of course, he’s could pass as “skinny.” At 5’11” and 175 pounds, he’s certainly proportional and fit. And frankly, he’s got a tasty, pasty physique that sorely tempts me to pay up for some more viewing of you muscling him around, squeezing him until he cries, and tossing him over your shoulder as you retire to a back room.

Your mauling of the very skinny guy in a ski mask is impressive, though frankly, I just have to say that I’d need to see more skin for this to fully engage my kink. Your jobber boy can keep his mask on. But both of you need to put those bodies on display in order for us to truly appreciate the impressive muscle domination work you’ve got going on there.

And back to you and your other two friends, I’m a big fan of the games you play. Three buddies stripping down to posing trunks, flexing, mutually appreciating, some friendly lifts and displays of power, all leading into lightly competitive wrestling makes for some happy foreplay in my book. Now, if you can promise me that things get a bit more competitive, with perhaps the hint of some muscle-taming double-teaming, then you’re moving from foreplay into full on arousal.

Lastly, since we’re now YouTube friends, can I trade places with your buddy in the middle of this incredible muscle sandwich you’ve got going here? Full disclosure: you’ll have to deal with a quite a bit of extra room (if I do say so myself) that’s going to get squeezed between your abdomen and mine if you’re man enough to maintain this position for very long. And I’m going to insist that the long drink of water on my back needs to squeeze me real hard between his legs. In my book, that’s just what friends are for.
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