Got you in a fucking headlock right here!

In the interest of reporting the best homoerotic wrestling news (of course), I’m sampling a hot piece of meat that’s been dangling in front of me for a few years now.  Every search query I can think of on YouTube sooner or later pulls up a teaser from Anthony, the Hotgymnast.  From what I’ve seen, Anthony is about in-your-face muscle domination and worship, and he’s got such a tasty body for it! His videos in the members section of include some clips that totally tweak my Olympic gymnast fetish that gets stoked every four years or so. But what lured me in to really take a mouthful of what Anthony serves was the promise of him in a luchador mask, providing a 1st-person narrative of him as a narcissistic heel destroying and then making you submit in body and soul.

Here’s the YouTube, publicly available cut of the video. On the site, it’s about 13 minutes long, HD, and filled with dialogue. I’ve tried to contact Anthony about whether he minds me screencapping his video, but I haven’t heard back.  My hope is that he’s okay with it, because homoerotic wrestling fans should check this bit out.  “You guys wanna get in the ring with me!?” he asks, flexing a gorgeous, oiled up, hairy chested most-muscular. “Hmmm!?” he groans, flashing a beautiful double bicep and showing off his hot, hairy pits.

“You wanna get in the ring with me!?”

I actually approached a homoerotic wrestler once about taping a custom video for me where he narrates in exquisite detail his mastery of an opponent, showing off the muscles and moves he used to beat some lucky hunk into submission. Sadly, that project never came to fruition; however Anthony’s webcam luchador routine comes awfully close to making this dream come true.  You, the viewer, are his opponent. He knows you’re awed by his incredibly hot body, and you can rest assured he’s going to use that against you.  “Put you in a fucking chokehold,” the luchador hunk explains. “Wrap this right around your throat,” he points at his sweetly peaked, glistening bicep. He shows precisely where your head would be as he makes you suffer. “Tighten up, feel those big, fucking strong forearms pumping up, closing up that airway of yours, huh? Totally helpless.”

“You tap, and I just squeeze a little bit fucking tighter.”

Anthony demonstrates with impressive pacing how he puts you to the mat and then crushes your head in a side headlock.  He traps your head between his thighs and milks some pain out of you. He holds you down, straddles you in a schoolboy pin, and yanks your face into his sweaty balls. “Can you smell it, hmmm!? he demands. “Can you fucking smell it!?” With the camera inches from his wildly swinging package, I swear I almost can!

Bearhugs, cockpins, Anthony doing pushups over top of your battered body…  you’re done for loser, so don’t be surprised when he yanks his underwear up to expose his ass and demands that you lick his hole. You’re his now, bitches, so prepare to lick his sweaty, hairy pits as well. And damn it all if your conqueror doesn’t pull out his hot, beautiful cock and balls and insist that you go to town down there as well! Word of caution: you will be berated and humiliated, including being called “a maggot piece of shit pissant pig.” However, there are no blatantly homophobic slurs here… just good, old fashioned, bully-on-top ego crushing.

Two lessons for me here.  First, Anthony should wrestle.  That much flexibility, that gorgeous of a body, and that hot of a persona are wasted on solos. Second, I was right when I thought that a homoerotic wrestler testimonial and demonstration would be sweet, sweet viewing. Just talking about wrestling can take me right where I long to be.

Hot work Anthony.  I hope you don’t mind the screen caps, and I hope we see more luchador Anthony on, as well as in a homoerotic wrestling ring!