Art Imitating Art

Vote yet in the current reader’s choice poll in the right margin? You have until Monday morning to register your pick for the rookie with the brightest potential in “the biz.” In the mean time, this shiny bit of hotness just caught my attention and sent my homoerotic wrestling imagination spinning.
My infatuation with dizzyingly handsome Dylan McDermott began the moment I saw him steal every scene in Steel Magnolias. Perhaps, objectively speaking, he didn’t actually steal every scene, but the rest of that chick-flick is a blur between the part where Olympia Dukakis utters the line “All gay men are named Mark, Rick or Steve,” and the final scene of the movie where I’m blubbering like an emotionally labile puddle of goo. I attribute the blur to the fleeting sight of a gorgeous, young, delicious Dylan McDermott holding my gaze anytime he’s on screen.

Home for the Holidays made me fall in lust with him all over again. If that man stalked me across the country, I’d be completely at his mercy, and by mercy I mean mercilessness. I watched The Practice entirely for Dylan-viewing. You’d think American Horror Story would be must-see television for me, as Dylan’s newest vehicle. Hot star, horror theme… but no. Haven’t seen it at all. Perhaps it has potential to be one of those gems I discover on DVD.

On the other hand, I do regularly check in at Superherofan, who does apparently watch it, and the latest posts from the show certainly capture my imagination. Dylan is the star of a shower scene (really, do I need to say more?). As he climbs out, he’s attacked (yes, more! more!) by a masked attacker in a rubber suit (holy hell….). Dylan appears to get thrown around, chloroformed, rear-choked, with his hot, freshly toweled body writhing in his captor’s grasp.

Not knowing the plot, I’m left to my own devices to fill in some context. While the hips on the rubber-clad attacker suggest that this may be a woman, screw that. It’s a guy in a skin tight fetish suit, as far as I’m concerned. And vulnerable, nearly naked Dylan is the perfect target to be claimed, tamed, and trussed up as a hungry hunk’s sex puppet.

The unmasked shot here certainly looks like a dude. ‘Nuff said. Dylan’s gorgeous torso and those big, broad shoulders are going to get dominated, whether in the show or in the drama now playing in my imagination. I can just picture it, the masked, rubbered, fetishist exploring Dylan’s knocked out body, tying him down and tearing away that bastard of a bath towel to exploit his panic upon waking to pump this hottie up hard and completely out of control.

Um…. wait a second. I believe that I may be able to imagine that scene so clearly because I’ve seen it, literally. Yep, wasn’t the concept of the rubber-suited “monster” sneaking into the bathroom to ambush the showering stud, rear-choking him into unconsciousness and tying him up and manipulating every fine, gorgeous muscle (and particularly the real monster of this flick, Jay Jornter’s supernaturally thick cock!), in Can-Am’s Monster Trap, Part Deux?

While I haven’t seen American Horror Story to compare directly, I have watched Monster Trap 2, and the masked rubber attacker sneaking up behind to chloroform an unsuspecting and vulnerable hottie was definitely done before this season of FX.

The rear-choke on the bare-torsoed, lightly hairy, fit sex object in the shower by the oddly frightening and erotically provocative hunk in a skin tight wet suit was done awfully satisfyingly by Can-Am. While the similarities may not be literal plagiarism, my imagination (which is all that really counts around here, in the end, I suppose) is painting in the back story that a homoerotic wrestling fetishist television producer saw Monster Trap 2 and, consciously or not, painted Dylan into the better-quality production for FX. This is all seeming so much like the fictional homoerotic wrestling world in my imagination (wrestling fetish movie producer, mainstream television a mirror image of gay wrestling kink/porn…) that I’m starting to wonder if I need a med-check from a mental health professional. Either way, I’m even more convinced that I’ll be checking out Dylan’s shower scene for myself before too long!